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New Mexico Military Institute

NMMI lost a five-set heartbreaker to the Hawks in the first round of nationals. They'll face Monroe College tomorrow at 12:00 PM CST in the consolation bracket. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bronco volleyball at banquet dinner prior to tomorrow's play in the 2019 National Championships. ... See MoreSee Less

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I want to provide you a final update regarding the incident that occurred the morning of 14 November when a NMMI cadet was injured in an off-campus shooting.
First, I want to restate that no cadets are in any danger. The incident occurred off-campus and has been determined to be isolated in nature involving an unknown local individual, or individuals. Initial reports indicate that the incident was drug related. Local officials are continuing their investigation of the incident and, according to reports, have not yet identified any suspects.
Second, upon returning to campus I spoke to the Corps of Cadets informing them of the incident and pointed out, first and foremost, that they are safe. I also admonished them for not following procedures of NMMI’s Active Shooter Response drills, as the procedures are designed to keep them safe and secure on campus, as are all the safety and security requirements outlined in the Cadet Blue Book.
We have received numerous questions regarding the incident, with the most prevalent regards cadet safety off campus. I can address that question in only one way; a cadet off campus bears two responsibilities: 1) he or she is required to follow the rules specified in the Cadet Blue Book, on or off campus; 2) cadets who disregard the rules of the Cadet Blue Book and, yes, those rules of behaviors instilled in them by their families, and engage in high risk behavior or who put themselves in compromising situations are not looking out for their personal safety. Thus, while we can tell them to go off campus with a buddy, don’t put yourself in dangerous situations, be aware of your surroundings, we, and your cadet, need your help to reinforce those simple protections.
Again, in the aftermath of this incident we will be reviewing our Active Shooter Response procedures and adjusting where necessary. We shall also review cadet personal safety issues and reinforce them as necessary.
Each cadet is important to each of you. Each cadet is important to us. We are committed to doing our best to keep your cadet safe and secure on and off campus.
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Reflecting on time spent at the Old Post brings back good memories & lots to be thankful for as we start the holiday season. What are you thankful for at NMMI? 📷: Wayward Viewfinder Photography #nmmi

Thanks to our friends at St. Catherine’s Academy in Anaheim for partnering with us for more than 125 years. #nmmi

Watch the Colts soccer team in the state championship game at 1:00 PM (MT) on the NFHS network. Good luck, Colts! 📷: NMMI Athletics #nmmi

Join us at our Open House this Saturday from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM to learn more about everything we offer at NMMI! #nmmi

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