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LIVE Webcasts for Parent Viewing

How to view a streaming video:

*Please note this stream will only work properly in Windows Media Player.


  • Open Windows Media Player.
  • Use the Shortcut Key by pressing “Ctrl“ key and “U” key on keyboard which will bring up the following window.


  • Enter the following text as listed below  Click the “OK” button and the streaming video should start shortly after. The video will go through a buffering state, but should take no longer than a minute.
  • Media player will open; after the buffering is complete the video will load.


Special note for on campus users:

This method is for off campus users only.  If you are on NMMI’s internal network, use


How to save a streaming video:

Please note that the videos are formatted for the web and are a smaller resolution than native quality in order to save bandwidth and server storage.  Therefore, the image will degrade if you try to make it bigger.

  • Go to NMMI website, Parent Page

  • Right-Click on the link for the event.  Select Save Target As
  • Choose where you want to save the file and click the Save button.


RECORDED Webcasts for Parent Viewing

Click below to view a Recorded Event Video:

If the links above do not work, follow these instructions:

  • Open Window’s Media Player
  • Press Ctrl and U (at the same time) and enter the link (or copy and paste) Event URL – You can also open Windows Media Player, chose file, open URL.  Crtl U is just a shortcut.   Example of event URL:
  • Press ok