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Want to learn about life at NMMI? Join us for our YouTube Live Event by clicking on the current event below. Have questions during the live Q&A? Type them in YouTube chat or post them on social using the event hashtag.

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Want to explore more about NMMI? Click on old YouTube Live events–and watch what our cadets, parents, faculty and staff have to say about what your future could hold at NMMI.

Junior College at NMMI

Join us on June 6 at 6:30PM MT (8:30ET) to discover why NMMI’s Junior College is one of the best in the nation–repeatedly ranked #2 by CNN Money Magazine. Our students, staff and admissions representatives will be on our YouTube Live Q&A broadcast to share their experience and answer any questions you might have about the academic coursework, extracurriculars or special tracks such as our Academy Prep program or Early Commissioning program through ROTC. Ask questions during the event on social media using #NMMIFuture or post them in the YouTube chat.

NMMI and Your Future

Between accredited academic programs, nationally ranked-athletics and a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities, NMMI prepares our cadets for a very bright future! Just ask them about it during our NMMI YouTube Live Q&A on April 3 6:30PM MT (8:30PM ET). Our cadets and alumni will share their personal experiences, and our admission team will be on hand to answer any specific questions you have about enrolling for Fall 2019. Post your questions during the live discussion in the YouTube Chat or on social media using #NMMIFuture and we’ll answer them on air.


Want to know why NMMI? Interested in a military boarding school experience? Want to learn more about what life at NMMI is like? Join our YouTube Live interactive Q&A on December 11, 2018 6:30PM MT (8:30PM ET) to learn more from our current cadets and admissions team–and hear how you can start our school this January. Hear why cadets choose NMMI and how it prepares them for their future! Have questions during the event? Post them on social media using #NMMILIVE or post them in the YouTube chat.

Virtual Open House

You requested and we have heard!

NMMI will be hosting a Virtual YouTube Live Open House June 21st to help students who are not able to visit our beautiful campus, to learn more about the school and next steps for matriculation.  Please ‘SAVE THE DATE” and join us LIVE from home.

Your Future Awaits at NMMI!

June 21st at 6:30PM YouTube Live Q&A

Why NMMI if I Don't Want to Join the Military?


Not every student who comes to NMMI is focused on a military future. We know—we have “Military” in our title. But a lot of students use our foundation of leadership, excellence and solid academic base as a springboard for other pursuits. Join our YouTube Live event on October 5, 6:30PM MDT where you can

hear from current cadets and our admissions staff who can talk about the non-military journey after NMMI. Ask questions during the event using #NMMIFUTURE or snap us at NMMILife and we will answer them on air.

Watch the event live at nmmi.edu/live or find a link to it on our social media at the time of the Q&A.

Hope you can tune in on October 5 to see if NMMI is the right fit for you!

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