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Our Core Programs

As an institution of higher and secondary education, the Institute has the mission of developing leaders by enabling individual development through challenging academic preparation in a structured learning environment that affords extensive opportunities.

Division of Mathematics & Sciences

NMMI’S Mathematics & Sciences program expands to include methods involving engineering, business, and computer science. Studying Mathematics & Sciences at NMMI can lead to a future in engineering, medicine, research, statistics, or computational mathematics found in military, government, and private business and industry sectors.

Associate Dean: Dr. Mia Yang
Email: yang@NMMI.edu
Phone: 575-624-8481

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Yvonne Bartell
Email: bartell@nmmi.edu
Phone: 575-624-8150

Division Office: Willson Hall 106

Division of Social Sciences

The primary goal of NMMI’s Division of Social Studies is to provide cadets with the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and judgment through their study of business, leadership, criminal justice, government service, and the social and behavioral sciences.

Associate Dean: MAJ Cody Northrup
E-mail: northrup@nmmi.edu
Phone: 575-624-8316

Administrative Assistant: Jeremiah Lonowski
Email: lonowskj@nmmi.edu
Phone: 575-624-8310

Division Office: Willson Hall 208
Phone: 575-624-8310
Fax: 575-624-8660

Division of Humanities

The Humanities Division at NMMI is dedicated to human thought, interaction, and expression through courses in art, communications, English, foreign languages, music and philosophy. These courses are designed to help cadets develop analytical thinking skills and appreciate the importance of creativity. Futures with a humanities background include journalism, public relations, social media, and foreign and government service.

Associate Dean: LTC Patricia Matchin
Email: matchin@nmmi.edu
Phone: 575-624-8203

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Shana West
Email: swest@nmmi.edu
Phone: 575-624-8200

Division Office: Lea 127
Phone: 575-624-8200
Fax: 575-624-8018

Division of Health & Physical Education

The Health & Physical Education program at NMMI is designed to enhance self-esteem, physical fitness, leadership characteristics, and the knowledge that leads to life-long physical fitness, dedication and health.

Music Department

It is NMMI Music Department’s goal to develop the musical potential of our cadets—while providing ample opportunity for performance participation, academic growth, and the development of leadership skills. The Institute’s primary performing groups include:

  • Regimental Marching/Concert Band
  • HQ Live! Jazz Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Vocal Ensemble

NMMI offers private piano and guitar lessons, Music Appreciation and Music Theory (college only) classes, and extra-curricular clubs/ensembles for cadet string players and those interested in pop instrumental styles.

Cadets participating in our performing groups have the opportunity to serve as musical ambassadors for the Institute. Cadets have traveled from coast-to-coast performing at places like Disneyland, Six Flags, SeaWorld, New York City, and Washington, DC. And cadet music groups have visited all of the U.S. Service Academies—as well as many U.S. Military bases—and have performed for two presidential inaugurations.

Band Director: Dr. Wataru Niimori
E-mail: niimori@nmmi.edu
Phone: 575-624-8442

Division Office: Pearson Auditorium

I think the academics at NMMI have really prepared me for the Air Force Academy. I feel that it’s a very structured program. I have a year here where I can learn how to do stuff in a college environment. I actually feel more prepared coming here because then when I go to the Academy, I’ll know the right techniques to succeed.