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The Power of Learning

Excellence in learning is the foundation of the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI). Our challenging high school and junior college academic programs paired with our diverse student body and military structure provide a rich environment for personal growth. We focus on the whole person to build tomorrow’s leaders. Learn more about the academics at NMMI!

New Mexico Military Institute Academic Catalog

Our Curriculum

NMMI’s academic program offers a rigorous education focused on the “whole cadet” through an expansive curriculum including social sciences, mathematics and sciences, humanities, and health and physical education. This catalog includes policies, procedures, academic program information, course content and general information about our school. Search our catalogue to learn more about the NMMI academic experience.

The average ACT score for graduating seniors is above the national and state averages.

Each cadet is assigned an academic advisor.

98.3% of NMMI faculty hold Ph.D.’s and Master’s degrees, the highest of all private schools in New Mexico.

Cadet with parents on campus

The High School Experience

Cadets in grades nine through twelve thrive in NMMI’s college prep program. Our college campus-like structure teaches discipline and critical thinking while our diverse student body provides a wider perspective on the world.

Informed Junior College Futures

Cadets work toward a liberal arts/sciences associates degree with specialized course selection designed to prepare for a bachelors degree upon further education.