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Now Accepting Applications For 6th Grade.

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Intro to IPA Video

This short video — “Introduction to Intermediate Preparatory Academy” —  describes the IPA concept.   Viewers will find a content-packed video with comments from Major General Jerry Grizzle (NMMI President/Superintendent), Colonel David West (NMMI Chief of Staff) and Lt Col Mayo-Fincher (potential IPA parent). Topics include what makes IPA unique, answers the question about day school, includes exclusive scenes of the construction of the new facility, and more.  A must-view for parents and the community interested in learning about IPA.

How to Become a Student

This important video describes in general terms the application process to parents.   Viewers will find comments from MG Jerry Grizzle (NMMI President/Superintendent) and Colonel David West (NMMI Chief of Staff).  We recommend this 1 min video be added to the must-view list for parents and the community interested in learning about the IPA experience.

Intermediate Preparatory Academy Schematics

View the design plans for Roswell, NM’s newest school, now enrolling 6th grade for the 2023-2024 school year.