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Cadet Academic Services

NMMI offers a wide variety of resources for our cadets. Typical questions on opportunities on campus, office hours, advising etc. are housed here for your support.

A smiling NMMI cadet.

The following resources are available to NMMI cadets at no charge:

Use online resources from the Horgan Library. Receive research support through email – librarian@nmmi.edu

The Paul Horgan Library is located in the Toles building


SUNDAY 1300-1700 1900-2130*
MONDAY 0630-1600 1900-2130*
TUESDAY 0630-1600 1900-2130*
WEDNESDAY 0630-1600 1900-2130*
THURSDAY 0630-1600 1900-2130*
FRIDAY 0630-1600
SATURDAY 0800-1200 † Academic Weekends Only

* Night Study Hall open to cadets only
† Academic Weekends open to cadets only


MONDAY-FRIDAY 0730-1200 1300-1530

Writing Center at Toles webpage has great writing resources. Real-time writing assistance, as well as submission for review, is now available through Tutor.com, accessible from any of your Canvas courses.

This includes both real-time help and the ability to submit papers for review. If you are a member of the military or have a parent who is in the military, please make sure to use the “Online Tutoring for Military and Dependents” link.

  • Visit the new College, Careers & Scholarships page for information to help you locate your transfer school, figure out potential careers, search for scholarships, and more.
  • Virtual College visits will continue to be held this semester. However, we are moving away from a classroom gathering. Announcements regarding visits and contact information for college reps will be emailed out to cadets and posted on the College, Careers & Scholarships page.
  • Visit the Bronco Advising Center page for college advising information and to connect with your advisor.
  • Follow the Bronco Advising Center on Instagram for updated information, notifications, and updates.
  • The IT Help Desk can be reached at 575-624-4357 or helpdesk@nmmi.edu
  • Fill out an IT Job Request through your My NMMI page

Academic Weekends are held once a month, usually before a grading period. The Library will be open from 0800-1200 on those days. Check with your instructors regarding their availability.

MAJ Marrujo offers our college student-athletes an opportunity for a structured study environment. Contact him for updated information.

All students in junior college chemistry classes are encouraged to attend Chemistry Club. Contact Dr. V for information.

Math and science faculty are available to help during Night Study Hall.

Math tutoring meets in Willson 101.

Science tutoring meets in McClure 103.

Tutoring Schedule Fall 2023 Willson+McClure

Math Lab is offered to students in Toles 239.

Your instructor is often the best person to ask for help with course elements, especially if you are confused about an assignment. Your instructors are available for tutoring or other assistance during their office hours. Your syllabus for each class has the instructor’s office hours and location as well as contact information. If you are able to plan ahead, send them an email to let them know you will be there – then make sure you show up!

Members of the National Honor Society offer free tutoring assistance in the library during Night Study Hall. Look for them at the tables on the main floor of the library.

NMMI has made me stronger; when you are here you have to really work for your goals to achieve them.