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Qualifications for Admission

Recognizing the requirement and need by state statute, the NMMI BOR establishes the criteria for admission based upon but not limited to the students’ demonstrated potential to succeed at NMMI academically, physically, socially, and morally. While the majority of accepted students meets or exceeds this criterion, failure to do so does not automatically preclude admission. In those cases, the candidate can submit additional documentation because in every case NMMI considers the student’s total record and has developed a methodology to insure consistency, equity, fairness and balance in the selection process. Important in this assessment of a candidate is their exhibited capability and desire to learn within a unique structured environment of support. Our proven result is a young person who is ready to meet any education, physical or moral challenge.

Board of Regents Admissions Standards – Ref. BOR Policy 7.2

An international candidate is considered any non-U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident. For all international students the President/ Superintendent shall establish criteria which equates to the academic standards and non-academic requirements described herein.

The President/ Superintendent to establish a methodology to best determine the non-academic circumstances which may present themselves which would preclude a candidate from being accepted as a cadet at NMMI. The types of issues would include, but not necessarily be limited to: Behavioral Issues

A candidate shall not be accepted into the Corps of Cadets who has shown significant behavioral issues prior to matriculation at the candidate’s home, school or otherwise. Criminal Record

A candidate shall not be accepted at NMMI who has a prior criminal record. It shall be the candidates responsibility to inform NMMI of any pending investigations which may result in criminal records. Age

A candidate shall not be accepted at NMMI who exceeds the age of 22 during the academic year.

A H.S. candidate shall not be accepted at NMMI who exceeds the age of 19 during the academic year.

A candidate shall not be determined to have a dependent.

A candidate shall not exhibit a medical condition which would prohibit the candidate from fully participating in activities of the Corps, Academics or Physical Fitness exercises.

A candidate shall not exhibit a physical limitation which would prohibit the candidate from fully participating in activities of the Corps, Academics or Physical Fitness exercises.

No candidate shall be allowed into NMMI until they have completed documents to include, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Official Transcripts from all high schools or colleges applicable to the academic requirements herein.
  • Official results for all required proficiency or standards tests required and applicable to the academic requirements herein.
  • Submission of all required NMMI forms
  • Submission of all required medical forms
  • Completion of all NMMI forms such as medical release forms

A cadet who is placed on academic or disciplinary suspension may be permitted to reapply to NMMI after a break of at least one (1) semester. The application shall include the applicants academic and attendance record during the absence from NMMI. The applicant is subject to all other limiting acceptance criteria listed herein.

A cadet who withdraws in lieu of suspension or dismissal and who applies for readmission will be considered to be suspended as of the withdrawal date and is subject to the criteria for re-admission listed herein.

A cadet who is suspended and does reapply to NMMI will be required to have the conditions of their suspensions reviewed by the suspending entity to assure those conditions have been met prior to readmission. The conditions include but are not limited to suspensions due to discipline resulting in community service, suspensions due to academics which do not otherwise limit the candidate’s ability to graduate on time and have been engaged in proper academic achievement while away, and for medical suspensions for matters of student health and safety have been reviewed for proper diagnosis or existence of any condition(s) which would otherwise not allow the candidate to fully participate in all aspects of NMMI. Cadets denied re-admission are subject to the appeal process described within the Admissions SOP.

A cadet who is dismissed from NMMI will not be allowed to reapply to NMMI.

The BOR will consider waivers to the requirements herein when presented by the President/ Superintendent or their representative. Additionally, the BOR expects the President/ Superintendent to manage a number of academic waivers for specific circumstances.

Every candidate who enters NMMI as a cadet has an expectation of completion as defined by the cadet. The determination of the admissions process of a student’s skill and ability establishes the basis of meeting that expectation. The outcome does require continued effort by all elements of NMMI and the cadet. The BOR expect staff to continually review the methods of not only admissions but all processes to maximize attrition and academic outcomes.