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Student Activities

NMMI encourages cadets to GO BEYOND the day-to-day by getting involved in your choice of more than 45 extracurriculars. Choose from activities including traditional options like band, choir, and STEM to more unique options like aviation, ski club, and scuba diving.

Clubs and Sponsors

Club Name Sponsor/s
Aviation Flight Club COL West
Baking Club LTC Yang/Yvonne Bartell
Bataan Memorial March LTC Eisenhauer
Christian Cadet Fellowship Chaplain Jacob Graham
Black Student Alliance Club MAJ Bertha Gomez
Board Game/Lego Club LTC Alaric Williams
Cadet Council
Catholic Club COL Tate
Centennial Flame Guard CPT Lynn Doherty
Chemistry Club Dr. Viltchinskaia
Concert Choir LTC Niimori/LTC Mayo-Fincher
Constabulary Major Stephan Kaftan/LTC June Frosch
Dance Club Michele Bates/Mr. Bell
Ethics Club LTC Fincher/LTC Mayo Fincher
First Robotics LTC Aonan Tang
Guitar Club LTC Niimori/LTC Mayo-Fincher
Ham Radio LTC Kimbler/Maj. Musgrave
High Ropes Club Aracelli Mendoza
JROTC Color Guard SGM England
JROTC Goss Rifle Drill Team SFC Mendez
JROTC McBride Air Rifle Floyd Bell/CSM Marquez
Mexican Club MAJ Desi Aguilar
National Honor Society Vandiver/Kinnally
Native American Club COL Farley/CPT Harter
NMMI E-Sports Jamie Woods/Alric Pugh
NMMI Outreach Rodney Austin
Paintball Club CPT Dawe
Pentathlon LTC Olesinski
Phi Theta Kappa MAJ Carlos Marrujo III
Post Script/English Club LTC Acharya/LTC Williams/LTC Tammarine
Prisms (LGTBQ+) Club LTC Harter/CPT Harter
Regimental Band LTC Niimori/LTC Mayo-Fincher
Science Night Club LTC Yang/LTC Tang
Ski Club Maj. Hardin/Britny Chrisman
Spirit Squad Danielle Urquides
Stem Club MAJ Maslian/LTC Kimbler
Steam Olympiad/Competition Club LTC Aonan Tang
Venturing Club LTC Houghtby
Video/Media Rodney Austin
Vocal Ensemble LTC Niimori/LTC Mayo-Fincher

Bataan Memorial March

Black Student Alliance

Cadet Ambassador Program

Concert Choir

Etiquette Committee

Flame Guard

HAM Radio

National Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa

Regimental Band

July 2024

  • Jul/25 - Bronco Football / Service Academy Preps Arrive
  • Jul/29 - Bronco Volleyball / Colt Football Arrives
  • Jul/29 - International Orientation
  • Jul/31 - JC & International Matriculation

August 2024

  • Aug/1 - HS Matriculation
  • Aug/13 - First Day Of Classes
  • Aug/17 - RAT Yearling Ceremony
  • Aug/31 - RAT Cresting Ceremony

September 2024

  • Sep/2 - Labor Day – No Classes
  • Sep/30 - Eastern New Mexico State Fair Parade Day – No Classes

October 2024

  • Oct/1 - Midterm Exams
  • Oct/12 - RAT Intermediate Ceremony
  • Oct/17 - Homecoming

November 2024

  • Nov/8 - Winter Band Concert
  • Nov/20 - Last Day Of Classes
  • Nov/22 - Final Exams
  • Nov/27 - Commencement