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Service Academy Prep Program

NMMI’s Service Academy Prep Program participates as a receiving school for the service academy preparatory programs. NMMI is one of the programs used by the Merchant Marine Academy as well as for many preparatory students from the Naval Academy Foundation, West Point Preparatory Scholarship Program, Air Force Falcon Foundation, and students seeking admissions to the US Coast Guard Academy because of the excellent academic, physical, and leadership preparation. Not only is the program extremely challenging, it is also nationally recognized for its success.

At NMMI you will be working with high caliber students from the US, and from around the world, who attend NMMI in order to better prepare themselves for success at their chosen academy. We have first rate facilities designed to prepare you not only academically, but to help prepare you to meet the physical challenges you will face at the academies, and to give you a leg up on the leadership skills you will need to excel.


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Important Dates For 2024/2025 Prep Classes

25 July 2024 Report for FAST program (2 weeks)

13 August 2024 Formal classes begin

20 November 2024 las day of Fall Semester

52 day break for Thanksgiving and Christmas

12-13 January 2025 return for Spring Semester

14 January 2025 Classes start for Spring Semester

10 May 2025 Last day for Spring Semester

Where is NMMI?

“NMMI is located in Roswell, New Mexico. While Roswell might be small, there are many things to see in the surrounding area. Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Lubbock are the largest cities closest to NMMI. When cadets are given furloughs on certain weekends, there are many places for them to visit!

Car Rental:
New Mexico Military Institute has entered into an agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car that will extend the NMMI corporate discount to employees and parents of cadets for their personal rental car needs.

Employees and parents may book rental cars directly with Enterprise Rent-A-Car by using Corporate Class ID 34A1091 and Pin # NEW. You will be asked for this information on the initial reservation page.

To book your rental car please visit https://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/home.do

U.S. Academies

The U.S. Air Force Academy has indeed recognized the exceptional academic and cadet training provided by New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) in preparing and motivating selected preparatory candidates and future Air Force Academy Cadets. According to the Falcon Foundation, NMMI excels in preparing future Falcons.

The NMMI Air Force Academy Preparatory Program focuses primarily on academic readiness, with intensive instruction in Mathematics, English, History, and Chemistry. However, it goes beyond academics. Air Force Prep Cadets at NMMI also undergo rigorous military training and athletic conditioning. These experiences help develop the skills, resilience, and character necessary for success at the Air Force Academy.

Class Profile

NMMI serves as a preparatory school for students seeking an appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy. The curriculum for the USCGA self-prep students consists of English Composition, Higher Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Education. The Prep Director/Advisor works with the cadets to provide assistance and guidance help each student succeed in the academic arena, the Corps of Cadets and physical fitness. Students applying to the Coast Guard Academy must meet established SAT/ACT minimum scores, medical and physical qualifications for admission.

The United States Merchant Marine Academy located at Kings Point, N.Y. Established in 1936, and opened 1943, its primary focus is training of Merchant Service officers. Candidates must be at least 17 years of age and must not have passed their 25th birthday before July 1 in the year of entrance, receive a nomination from their U.S. Representative or Senator, and have qualifying test scores and grade point average. Upon graduation they receive a commission in the Naval Reserve as well as a Merchant Marine License, or a commission in any one of the other branches of service.

NMMI serves as a preparatory school for the United States Merchant Marine Academy. The curriculum consists of English Composition, higher math, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Education. The Prep Program advisor works with the cadets and the Academy to provide assistance and guidance help each prep student succeed in the academic arena, the Corps of Cadets and physical fitness. Upon successful completion of the program and recommendation from NMMI, the cadet will receive an appointment to USMMA.

To listen to what USMMA Preps have to say about the NMMI Experience, please select the following link, Merchant Marine Prep Talk

Class Profile

Cadets are selected for the USMA “Prep” program by the Association of Graduates at USMA. This small group of candidates has been identified as having the exceptional qualities required of a West Point Cadet and an Army officer.

NMMI serves as one of several prep schools and works with the Association of Graduates (AOG), to assist highly qualified and motivated candidates to gain admission and smoothly transition to West Point. All USMA preps receive academic tutoring, physical fitness training, and superior leadership opportunities, in addition to rigorous academic curriculum. NMMI boasts a 97 percent acceptance rate of AOG candidates. The NMMI curriculum consists of English Composition, Chemistry, US History, Calculus, Physical Education, and Military Science.

AOG Preps may qualify for even more Army training and funding opportunities. By attending LTC before coming to NMMI, a prep will be paid for the training and may qualify to enter Military Science 3 classes.

Academy Prep Program students can try out for and compete with NMMI’s Ranger Challenge Team.

Class Profile

The Naval Academy Foundation’s Preparatory Program benefits promising candidates who are not appointed the first time they apply for admission. To enhance their qualifications for admission, the Foundation awards a limited number of scholarships for post-high school preparatory studies in a participating school.

The Naval Academy’s Admissions Board automatically recommends candidates to the Foundation for sponsorship consideration. No special request is required. The Naval Academy Admissions Board typically recommends 500 candidates for the Program each year. Only 80 are selected as finalists.

Those Naval Academy Foundation scholars who choose NMMI follow a prescribed curriculum consisting of English Composition, General Chemistry, Calculus and Physics, and Physical Education. They spend one year at NMMI in a rigorous program of studying, acquiring time management and study skills, honing their physical fitness, and learning the basics of leadership and follower ship. Following a successful year of study, qualifying DoDMERB exam, successful completion of the Navy Physical Readiness Test, and staff and faculty recommendation they are offered appointments to the Academy.

Midshipman at USNA who have attended NMMI attest to the quality of the curriculum and the benefits of the program, and state that life as a midshipman is easier because of their prep experience.

Listen to what some of the Naval Academy Foundation preps have to say about the program at USNA Prep Talk.

Class Profile