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Reserve a Niche

Eligibility for Inurnment

Those selecting the NMMI Columbarium to serve as the final resting place for the cremated remains of a former cadet must demonstrate that the individual attended NMMI and met the definition of an alumnus.

Former faculty and staff of NMMI and life members of the Foundation shall also be eligible to be inurned in the Columbarium.

The spouse, life partner, or immediate family of the above eligible persons may be inurned in the same niche as the above eligible persons.

Special requests for inurnment by other persons will be reviewed by the NMMI Columbarium Committee, and upon approval, such person will be allowed to use the NMMI Columbarium.

Fee to Reserve a Niche

The one-time fee to reserve a niche in the NMMI Columbarium is $1,500.00 (a portion may be tax deductible).  The fee includes the right of inurnment in the reserved niche for up to two urns, and ongoing maintenance and care for the NMMI Columbarium.  The fee does not include the costs of cremation, the required urn for cremains, inscription on the stone front of the niche, or any funeral, memorial service, or inurnment ceremony.

To schedule a funeral, memorial service, or inurnment ceremony at NMMI, call 575.624.8148 (additional costs may apply).

Inscription on Niches

The size and style of the inscription on each niche is prescribed by the Foundation.  Inscriptions will include the deceased’s information shown on the final accepted reservation form.  Use of symbols will be subject to the approval of the NMMI Columbarium Committee.  The Foundation will arrange for the final accepted inscriptions, based upon information provided by the owner, with the engraving done by an approved provider at the owner’s expense.

The niche front size is 11 7/8” x 11 7/8” and the standard inscription will contain two (2) lines of text with twenty-three (23) characters and spaces per line per inurned individual (maximum two individuals per niche).  Requests for additional lines of inscription must be approved by the NMMI Columbarium Committee.

Designating and Transferring a Niche

Each submitted reservation must designate the person to be inurned.  A niche reservation owner may, at any time prior to the inurnment of the designated person, designate a different person by submitting an NMMI Columbarium Reservation Change in Designated Person to be Inurned Form to the Foundation.

A niche reservation owner may transfer the reservation to a new owner when approved by the Foundation.  The new owner must submit a completed NMMI Columbarium Reservation Transfer of Ownership Form to the Foundation.

Cancellation of a Niche

A niche reservation owner may cancel the reservation by providing written notice of cancellation to the Foundation, with no compensation due to the owner or the designated person’s estate or family.

If the remains of the person designated on the final accepted reservation have not been inurned in the niche with either five (5) years after the person’s death or one hundred and twenty (120) years after the person’s birth, the niche reservation will be cancelled, with no compensation due to the niche reservation owner or the designated person’s estate or family, upon thirty (30) days written notice to the owner at the last address provided to the Foundation by such owner.

For more information about reserving a niche in the NMMI Columbarium, contact the NMMI Foundation by calling (575) 624-8035; or email foundation@nmmi.edu.