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Earning Your Trust

The New Mexico Military Institute Foundation acts in a fiduciary capacity in maintaining its funds received and expended for the benefit of NMMI. For investment purposes, all funds donated to the various permanent endowments of the Foundation are placed in a pooled investment fund and managed therein. The managed funds of the Foundation exist to provide long-term support to NMMI. Accordingly, the investment philosophy of the Foundation is based on a disciplined, consistent, and diversified approach utilizing multiple asset classes and multiple managers. The managed funds of the Foundation will be considered a total return fund where returns are sought from market appreciation and from interest and dividends. The Foundation intends to spend annually, for the benefit of NMMI, 4% of the average value of its pooled investment ending value calculated over the prior 12 quarters.


The financial statements of the Foundation are audited annually by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants.  Click here for the most recent audited financial statements.


The following PDF files contain the most recent tax returns for the NMMI Foundation:


The New Mexico Military Institute Foundation, Inc. registers as a charitable organization in every state where it is required.  To view the registration on the web site for the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General, click here.

Operations and Program Services

The Foundation’s primary annual operating revenue comes from rental income from ground leases and earnings from investments that were established from the proceeds of real estate sales. The Foundation was created to conduct program services that are primarily those activities which form the basis for its exemption from tax.

Tax-Exempt Status

The New Mexico Military Institute Foundation, Inc. is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization.  Donation to the NMMI Foundation are deductible to the extent permitted by law.

EIN – 85-6010718

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