Class "A" Summer Uniform

  • Garrison cap
  • Hair neatly groomed in a bun or short length hair above the collar for females
  • White short sleeve shirt
  • Black web belt with the NMMI belt buckle
  • Firmly pressed 100% polyester Blue pants
  • Black socks
  • Black bates shoes
  • With a black bow tie to complete the uniform

Class "A" Winter Uniform

  • Blue pants
  • White long sleeve dress shirt
  • Black socks (ankles and skins should not be exposed)
  • Black bates shoes
  • four-in-hand tie for the male and the neck tab for the female

Class "A" Formal Uniform

  • Same uniform as the Winter A except it includes a black bow tie for the males and no hats will be worn for either

Class "B" Uniform

  • Class B “B w/ brass”
    • Blue Garrison cap
    • White long sleeve shirt
    • Males have the four-in-hand neck tie and females have black necktab
    • Blue pants
    • The black web belt with NMMI belt buckle
    • Black socks
    • Black bates shoes

Class "C" Uniform

  • Class C uniform
    • The most commonly worn uniform during academic hours
    • Blue Garrison cap
    • Short sleeve white shirt
    • Blue press pants
    • The black web belt with NMMI belt buckle
    • Black socks
    • Black bates shoes

ACU Uniform

  • ACU Cap with last name on back
  • ACU Blouse or jacket
  • Tan t-shirt
  • ACU trousers
  • Green or black socks
  • And boots with laces tucked in

Athletic Uniform

  • Summer PT uniform
    • This is the old Cadet Summer PTs
    • Red issue NMMI athletic T-shirt
    • Black issued athletic shorts
    • White or black socks
    • All black running shoes

RAT Athletic Uniform

  • RAT Summer PTs
    • The same as the old Cadet Summer PTs except the…
    • Red issued NMMI cap aka “RAT HAT”
      • As a RCT you will ALWAYS wear this hat when wearing PTs
      • A Zero haircut for males
      • And a French braid or above the shoulder not passing the collar of the blouse length haircut for females
      • And highly motivated RAT socks with scarlet and black stripes signifying the Institutes colors

RAT "Swishies"

  • Wind suit PT uniform aka the Swishie PTs for their distinctive sound
    • This consist of the Summer PTs underneath a wind breaker jacket and pants set.
    • This uniform is authorized to be worn during cold weather, when designated as a Corps UOD or when authorized by the Commandant of Cadets during special events.

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