Registrar’s Office


The Registrar’s Office maintains the accuracy, privacy and integrity of student records — past and present.

We are responsible for student record keeping, publishing the academic catalog, term class schedule, final exam schedule, transcript processing, transfer course evaluations, residency determination, data reporting to various offices throughout campus and outside entities, and other academic/administrative support.


Fall Registration | Have you registered for fall 2017 courses? Registration is open for returning students.
Academic Catalog | Learn about our courses, our degree requirements and other important academic policies.
2017/08/14 07:30:00
Term Course Schedule | Review the list of course offerings and availability to help you setup your schedule.
Final Exams | Final exam schedule will be released soon after Add/Drop period ends.
Academic Advising | Learn about both high school and junior college advising.
Transcripts | Off campus and need to order a transcript? Apostille? Review the request process. We typically handle requests within one business day.
Residency | Learn about the in-state residency determination process.
Graduation & Diploma Reprints | Graduation is not an automatic process. You must apply. Learn about the steps.
FERPA | Know your rights
Degree Programs at NMMI | Learn about our degree programs at the high school and college levels.

Other Useful Links:

  • 2+2 – Our partnerships with other colleges lead to easier transitions to follow-on schools.
  • VA Educational Benefits Information – Plan to use your VA educational benefit at NMMI? We are here to serve you.

Did You Know?


17-18 Key Academic Dates

  • 14 Aug – Classes Begin
  • 25 Aug – Add/Drop Period Ends
  • 09 Oct to 13 Oct – Mid-Term Exams
  • 20 Oct – Grade Penalty Date (last day to drop a class with “W” grade
  • 06 Dec – Last Day of Classes; also last day to drop a class with a WP/WF grade
  • 08 Dec to 13 Dec – Final Exams
  • 15 Dec – Mid-Year Graduation & Commissioning
  • Additional 2017-18 Key Dates …


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