Frequently Asked Questions

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What age/grade can my son/daughter apply to NMMI?

NMMI is a four year high school and two-year junior college. We do not accept students over 22 years of age.

I have a troubled or at-risk son/daughter. Can they attend NMMI?

NMMI is not a reform school or boot camp school. We only accept students who have a strong personal desire to attend NMMI and are academically, physically and mentally qualified to succeed within the Corps of Cadets. Please visit the Admissions Web site for a list of criteria for admission and a list of disqualifying factors.

What is the Admissions process like?

The Admissions Process is fairly simple and straightforward. You can find a step-by-step list on the Admissions Process Web page.

When is the best time to apply for admission?

It is never too early to begin the admission process. We encourage you to schedule a visit to campus early in the process to ensure that this is the right choice for your son/daughter. New qualified cadets are accepted on a first come-first serve basis. To avoid being placed on a waitlist and to have time to explore possible scholarships we encourage you to begin the process three to six months before the start of the semester for which you are applying, however you can begin the process a year or more before you wish to start.

We normally continue to accept applications up until the week of the start of the semester. However, waiting until this time will decrease your chance of acceptance, limit your chance of receiving scholarship money and force you to rush the paperwork process.

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How do I set up a campus visit?

We highly encourage all applicants to visit us on campus to get a feel for what cadet life is really like and meet with Admissions staff to ensure that NMMI is the right choice for the applicant.

Campus tours are generally given Monday through Friday at 8 a.m., and Monday through Thursday at 1 p.m. Interviews and testing (if required) will follow the tour. To schedule your visit fill out the Online Campus Visit Form or call the Admissions Office at 1-800-421-5376.

We live too far away to come for the interview/test. What can we do?

If you live too far away to come visit us on campus, we can make other arrangements by attempting to use a Compass testing center in your community to administer the test.

Phone interviews also an option if you live too far away. Please contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-421-5376 for further information.

However, we very strongly recommend a campus visit and encourage you to make every effort possible to come.

How can my son/daughter study for the entrance test?

NMMI administers the Compass test, which covers pre-algebra/algebra, reading and writing. There is no study course recommended for the test; however the applicant should consider brushing up on or doing extra work in those areas to prepare for the test. The purpose of the entrance test is to gage the applicant’s current level of comprehension and knowledge.

The test is also an ACT equivalent, so it will help identify weak areas the student should focus on before taking the ACT.

My son/daughter has a special need. Will you be able to accommodate him/her?

Due to the unique nature of NMMI, we are unable to accommodate most special needs.

Acceptance decisions are made without regard to disabilities and in accordance with state and federal law and are non-discriminatory. All cadets are required to participate in certain physical activities (e.g. marching in parade formation with a rifle, running the obstacle course, close order drill and intramural athletics), all considered essential to the traditions of a military school and to the development of individual leadership skills and a sense of camaraderie as a member of the Corps of Cadets.

If your son/daughter has a special need, please mention this to an Admissions officer during the Admissions process and we will be able to help you determine if NMMI can reasonably accommodate your son/daughter and if NMMI is the right fit for him/her.

How much does it cost to attend NMMI?

Please visit the New Cadet Financial Charges page for current costs and information on the payment plan.

How can we/do we qualify for In-State Tuition?

To find out more information regarding New Mexico Residency requirements, you may visit the Registrar’s Web page and then follow the links to the New Mexico Higher Education Department’s Web site on residency requirements. For further information contact the Registrar’s office at (575) 624-8070.

How can my cadet apply for scholarships and/or financial aid?

NMMI offers a variety scholarships for all cadets and financial aid is available for junior college cadets.

When you fill out the scholarship portion on the NMMI application for admission, you will automatically be placed into a scholarship database and matched with available scholarships.

New Mexico residents can also apply separately for the New Mexico Legislative Scholarship.

For further information on scholarships and financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid web site.

How do I get to Roswell?

There are several main roads into Roswell if you are planning to travel by automobile. US 285 is the main road from Albuquerque; Highway 380 is the main road from Lubbock, Texas; and US70/380 is the main road from El Paso, Texas. For detailed road directions, please download our NMMI Travel Information Flyer.

If you are planning on using air transportation you may elect to fly into Albuquerque, Lubbock or El Paso and drive a rental car to Roswell. All three airports are approximately 200 miles from Roswell. Direct flights to Roswell via Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are available from American Eagle Airlines.

Bus Service to Roswell is provided by TNM&O Coaches. The bus station is approximately four blocks from NMMI. TNM&O is the local division of buses by Greyhound.

If you need a rental car, you can use the NMMI Corporate Discount at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. For more details, click here.

Where should I stay in Roswell?

Roswell is home to a number of national hotel/motel chains, local hotels/motels and campground facilities, any of which would make for comfortable accommodations. We have provided a list of local accommodations on our Web site.

Is my son/daughter required to have a computer?

It is highly recommended that all cadets have a desktop or laptop computer and printer. Wireless capability exists in several academic buildings across campus. Prior to purchasing a new computer, Academy Prep cadets should contact the Academy Prep advisor for information regarding leasing or purchasing a computer

For further information on this policy please visit the Commandant’s Policy Letters Web site.

You can also find out more information regarding NMMI computer standards and options by visiting Information Services.

Can my son/daughter have a car while at NMMI?

Most cadets do not need a vehicle. Public transportation around Roswell is free for cadets. A bus terminal is within walking distance of the school, and NMMI provides options for cadets to and from the airports.

Authorization for Possession and Operation of Vehicles:

(1) New cadets, yearlings, 4th class cadets and below are not authorized to possess and operate vehicles while in attendance at NMMI. This includes rental vehicles.

(2) College cadets who are not new cadets or yearlings may possess and operate vehicles given they maintain at least a 2.25 GPA and a B in deportment.

(3) Cadets who are members of the National Guard or Reserves may possess and operate vehicles to attend drill periods.

(4) 3rd class high school cadets, who are not new cadets or yearlings, may possess and operate vehicles during their second semester given they maintain at least a 2.25 GPA and a B in deportment.

(5) Cadets authorized to possess vehicles on post may operate their vehicle when they are authorized to be off post.

(6) In special circumstances and upon written parental or guardian request, the Commandant may authorize a cadet to possess and operate a vehicle. Request for Vehicle On Post forms and Vehicle Use and Registration forms may be obtained from the cadet’s TLA or the NMMI website, and must be filled out and returned to the Commandant. If approved, specific instructions and guidance for possessing and operating the vehicle must be strictly followed.

(7) Any cadet found guilty of a serious traffic violation, or more than one minor traffic violation, will be subject to having his/her vehicle privileges revoked.

Please visit the Commandant’s Blue Book (pdf) for more detailed information regarding automobile, motorcycle and bicycle policy.

How can I find out what my cadet needs to bring or is unauthorized to bring?

The Commandant’s Policy Letters Web site has a complete list of all Required, Authorized, Unauthorized and Issued Items available for you to download.

Does my son/daughter have to join the military if he/she attends NMMI?

No, being a cadet at NMMI does not obligate you in any way to join any branch of the military. NMMI is designed to follow a strict military regiment to give our students the discipline for success, not to train them for the military.

Less than 25 percent of our graduates choose to make the military a career.

When will my cadet get his/her class schedule?

Your cadet will work with an advisor during matriculation/RAT (Recruit-at-Training) week to determine the correct class schedule. Schedules are not made for new cadets prior to matriculation

What is matriculation?

Matriculation is the day the cadet is officially enrolled into NMMI. During matriculation you and your cadet will go to several stations taking care of additional paperwork, meeting with advisors, paying fees. During matriculation your cadet will also begin his/her initial training into cadet life, receive a hair cut (males) and be issued initial items

What do I need to bring to matriculation?

You will need to bring any outstanding paperwork that needs to be turned in. Also bring money to make your initial tuition payment.

My cadet left NMMI and now wants to come back. What do we need to do?

If your cadet left NMMI, he/she will need to first fill out a re-admission form. This will show your cadet’s intent to return, update us on the circumstances surrounding his/her departure and what he/she has been doing since he/she left NMMI. You will also need to submit new transcripts and other new paperwork as requested.

Your cadet will then go through the Admissions Committee (comprised of Commandant Staff, Faculty and Admissions Staff.) The Admissions Committee will examine your cadet and determine if he/she should be allowed to return to NMMI or not. You will then be informed of that decision.