Standard Operating Procedures 

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Additional Military Instruction
Bates Hall Conduct
Cadets Driving Golf Carts
Cadet Duties and Responsibilities
Cadet Laundry Procedures
Cadet Parking
Cadet Rooms, Room Changes and Cadet Troop Transfers and Inspections
Cadet Waiters
Clearing Rooms/Summer Storage at the End of the year
Cadet Special Diet
Commanders Pins
Community Service Requests
Criteria for Selecting Cadet of the Month
CQ Duty and CQ Mount
Daily Room Inspection
Etiquette Dinners
External Organizations, Staff, Faculty, NMMI Contractors
First Sergeant/Sergeant Major Rank Sale
Flag Detail
Formations, Ceremonies and Inspections
Harry Morrison Competition
Holiday Decorations
Letters of Instruction
Management of Work Orders and Emergency Call Outs
NMMI Comprehensive Drug Program
NMMI Issued Smart Phones
NMMI Mail Room Policy
NMMI Range Operations
Procedures Governing Cadet Public Affairs Officer (PAO), PA Noncommisioned Officer in Charge (PANCOIC)/Photo Chief and Photo Squad
Procedures for Confiscating New Cadet Personal Items during the 21/28 day period
Procedure for Entering a Cadet Room
Regimental Color Guard
Regimental Flame Guard
Religious Events at NMMI
Sally Port Competition
School Sponsored Trips with Cadets
Selection of Matchin Award Winners
Tour Squad
Troop Leadership Advisor (TLA) Officer Operations Procedures
Uniform Wearm Set up and Placement of Brass, Awards and Decorations
Wear of Civilian Clothes and Costumes on Post
 Returning Late from Furlough or Permit