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New Mexico Residents

New Mexico residents qualify for a variety of financial aid assistance and scholarships. These include the NM True rate, the Luciano “Lucky” Varela Opportunity Scholarship, and the General Richard T. Knowles Legislative Scholarship.

New Mexico students that do not receive the NM True rate qualify for a reduced, In-State tuition. This applies to dependents of active duty or honorably discharged veterans of the US Armed Forces, Sponsored Academy Preps, Contracted SROTC Cadets, and AGA athletes.

For more information visit our Financial Aid and Scholarships page or our Admissions Process page.

New Mexico Residents

Free Tuition Available for Qualified New Mexico HS Resident Applicants in 2023-2024

NMMI is pleased to announce the increase of benefits to New Mexico resident High School Students of the General Richard T. Knowles Legislative Scholarship to provide the remaining balance needed to attend NMMI for the academic year 2023/2024.

The Knowles Scholarship benefit will be adjusted for the needs of each NM resident HS student and not a simple flat fee as has been historically provided. All other scholarships will be applied first. The Knowles Scholarship does require new cadets to have at least a 2.0 GPA. Old cadets are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA and at least a “C” in deportment (corps grade). All cadets who wish to be a part of the Knowles Scholarship program must apply (Legislative Application). All other NMMI admissions standards are required to attend NMMI.

Cadets already receiving the Knowles Scholarship will have their scholarship amounts adjusted to cover any balance owed by the family.

View the press release here.

High School Experience

NMMI’s high school program is designed as a military academy college preparatory course of study that develops well-rounded leaders. We offer small classroom sizes with a 16:1 cadet to faculty ratio. NMMI also offers dual track and scholars programs for high school students. Students may also participate in our Colt athletic teams and numerous extracurricular activities and clubs.


NMMI’s junior college program provides a comprehensive liberal arts/sciences curriculum that features an associate of arts and an associate of science. Nationally ranked as the #1 boarding school for teachers with advanced degrees, 95% of NMMI’s faculty hold a masters degree or doctorate. Students may also participate in our Division 1 Bronco athletic teams and numerous extracurricular activities and clubs. NMMI is currently ranked by Niche as the #1 community college in New Mexico.


NMMI’s Early Commissioning Program (ECP) is a U.S. Army ROTC program that commissions officers in the reserve components (National Guard or Reserve) in two years, instead of the usual four. All cadets considering ROTC must complete basic training before applying. For more information visit our ROTC page.

Academy Prep Program

NMMI participates as a receiving school for the service academy preparatory programs. We are one of the programs used by the Merchant Marine Academy, the Naval Academy Foundation, West Point Preparatory Scholarship Program, Air Force Falcon Foundation, and the US Coast Guard Academy because of our excellent academic, physical, and leadership preparation. For more information visit our Service Academy Prep page.

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