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New Mexico Legislative Scholarship at NMMI

in honor of General Richard T. Knowles, US Army (Ret)

Recent Legislative Scholarship Recipients

The General Richard T. Knowles Legislative Scholarship program allows each of New Mexico’s 112 legislators to nominate a student from their district for scholarship consideration.  In addition, non-selected applicants may be eligible to receive an available Legislative Scholarship in an open district. A student awarded the Legislative Scholarship may receive the award for up to four years.

Am I eligible to apply?

The Legislative Scholarship is available only to New Mexico Military Institute cadets.

You must have applied for admission into NMMI before or concurrent to submitting an application for the Legislative Scholarship.  You do not have to be accepted into NMMI when you apply for the Legislative Scholarship, but we must have your application on file.  The fastest and easiest way to apply for admission is to apply online.

Next you will need to fill out the Legislative Scholarship application. If you do not have a Legislative Scholarship application, please contact the Financial Aid Office and we will mail you one or you may download one online (LEGISLATIVE SCHOLARSHIP – PDF Version).  Please type or very neatly hand write your application.

Criteria for the Legislative Scholarship is as follows:

  •       Minimum GPA as determined by the NMMI Board of Regents
  •       Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher
  •       Apply for admission to NMMI or be a current cadet in good standing
  •      Be a New Mexico Resident

When can I apply?  

Applications for priority selection are due December 30 to the Legislative Scholarship Coordinator, Cindy Gomez.  We will continue to accept applications after the December 30 date until all districts are filled.

First Round Award winners will be notified shortly after the end of the yearly NM State Legislative session.

What does the application process entail?

  • Apply for admission to attend NMMI
  • Complete the Legislative Scholarship Application

With your Legislative Scholarship application, please include the following documents:

  • One Letter of Recommendation from a teacher.
  • A complete transcript indicating your cumulative grade point average (7th and 8th grade for entering 9th grade applicants) – (All High School Transcripts for 10th – 12th grade applicants)

Please send your application packet to:

New Mexico Military Institute
Financial Aid Office
Attention: Cindy Gomez
101 West College Blvd.
Roswell, NM 88201

What is the award amount?

The General Richard T. Knowles Legislative Scholarship covers approximately 40% of the expenses at NMMI.  The Scholarship may be automatically renewed for a total of four years if the student maintains satisfactory academic progress towards graduation and acceptable performance in the NMMI Corps of Cadets among other requirements.

How can I get an application?

You can receive additional information about the Legislative Scholarship and an application by contacting the Financial Aid Office at 1-800-421-5376 or contacting the Legislative Scholarship Coordinator, Cindy Gomez, at 575-624-8050 or via e-mail at cindy@nmmi.edu.  You may also download the application in a (PDF Version).

How can I find out who my legislators are?

You can find out who your legislators are by calling your local County Clerk’s office and providing your address.  You can also visit the New Mexico State Legislature Web site and click on Find Your Legislator and provide your zip code.  This is also a great resource to learn more about the legislature and how it operates.

I don’t qualify for the Legislative Scholarship. What other scholarships are available?

There are many opportunities to receive scholarships at NMMI for both college and high school cadets. There are a total of 228 scholarships (excluding the 112 Legislative Scholarships.) To apply for scholarships other than the Legislative Scholarship, all you need to do is apply for admission online.  Once you have applied and been accepted to attend NMMI you will automatically be considered for scholarships.   Please visit the Financial Aid Web site for more information or call the Office of Financial Aid at (575) 624-8050.