NMMI Cadets Place At Chemistry Olympiad

NMMI Cadets competed and placed highly in competition during the 2023 Rio Grande Chemistry Olympiad held March 11 by New Mexico State University. Two Cadets qualified for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad.

An excerpt from the Roswell Daily record:

NMMI Professor Elena Viltchinskaia said she was very proud of NMMI students at the recent competition.

USNCO Division (Advanced Students or Advanced Placement Students)

USNCO Qualifiers: Ngoc Hong Pham and Ngoc Minh Pham.

USNCO Alternates: Arina Gancicova and Lucas Tang.

Team Competitions: Overall, 1st Place, and Qualitative Analysis Experiment, 1st Place: Arina Gancicova, Ngoc Minh Pham and Ngoc Hong Pham.

Individual Experiment: 1st Place, Ngoc Minh Pham; 2nd Place, Gancicova; 3rd Place, Ngoc Hong Pham.

Written Exam: 1st Place, Ngoc Minh Pham; 2nd Place, Ngoc Hong Pham; 3rd Place, Gancicova.

General Division

Overall Team Competition: 3rd place, NMMI Team of Cohen Tomasits and Lucas Tang.

Forensics Team Experiment: 1st Place, NMMI team of Tomasits and Tang. 3rd Place: NMMI Team of Steven Xu, Isabella Moya and Ivan Belyev.

Titration Individual Experiment: 2nd Place, Team of Moya (NMMI), Tomasits (NMMI) and Colette King (Belen High School). 3rd Place, Team of Belyev (NMMI), Tang (NMMI) and Dariya Malanyuk (Belen).

Written Exam: 1st Place, Belyev; 2nd Place, Tang.”

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