Music Department


Concert Choir USAF Chapel Spring 2014

Vocal Ensemble USAF Chapel Spring 2014

National Anthem Colorado Rockies Game Spring 2014

Colorado State Capitol Spring 2014

HQ Live Band Colorado Veterans' Home Spring 2014

Winter Music Concert Fall 2013

Eastern New Mexico State Fair Parade 2013

Knott's Berry Farm Spring 2013

Knott's Berry Farm Spring 2013

California Military Institute Spring 2013









Music Department


The NMMI Music Department Consists of:

  • Regimental Bands and Headquarters Live! Jazz Bands
  • Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble
  • Catholic and Protestant Chapel Choirs
  • Applied music: private guitar and piano lessons (via adjunct faculty)
  • Music Appreciation and Introduction to Music Theory (junior college); and Introduction to Music (high school)

NMMI Music Department Mission Statement

The mission of the music department (at NMMI) is to provide:

1) Music education for the enrolled band or choral student in a performance medium, leading to a musically educated, well-rounded, ‘whole person:’

2) Opportunities for the Cadet Corps to learn about music through general music classes, such a music theory and music appreciation;

3) Enhancement of the Corps of Cadets by providing musical performances to the Corps;

4) Support the NMMI customs and traditions by providing music at ceremonies and other NMMI functions; and

5) good public relations.

As musical ambassadors of the Institute, the groups in the music department spread information and good will about NMMI wherever they go.

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Location: W.P. Brown Music Hall

Fax: 575-624-8136

Hours: 0715-1530 M-F

Department Chair: LTC Steve Thorp

Phone: 575-624-8443