Cadet Life

Our students comprise the Corps of Cadets.  Cadets themselves exercise the responsibility of leading the units within the Corps.  This kind of “leadership laboratory” sets New Mexico Military Institute apart from other educational institutions, public or private.

  • Plan of the Day:  The Plan of the Day  shows a typical structured day.
  • Room and Board:  All cadets reside on post.
  • The RAT Experience (Recruit-At-Training):  All new cadets must experience the initial training to learn Corps protocol, military school traditions and rules and regulations.
  • Physical fitness standards: Physical fitness is an integral part of cadet life.
  • Uniforms: All cadets are required to wear the prescribed uniform of the day or activity. See examples of what cadets wear.
  • The Blue Book: The Blue Book contains cadet conduct policies and procedures.
  • Leisure Time and Activities: NMMI offers a variety of sponsored activities such as intramurals, clubs, dances, and recreational activities.
  • Spirituality: Protestant and Catholic services are held in the Alumni Memorial Chapel and cadets can attend off-campus services  in the local community.