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Scholarship Opportunities

CodeFund NameCriteria
SCH097Third Class IncentiveAwarded to a third class cadet returning to NMMI for college. One year award.
SCH099Regent Incentive ScholarshipAwarded by the Financial Aid Office to college students based on acceptance matrix score at the time of admission. One year award.
SCH101Harry Hitch MemorialRecipient must be commendable student, soldier and cadet.
SCH103Alumni Heritage Tradition ScholarshipAwarded to direct descendants of active alumni. Selection by Alumni Executive Secretary.
SCH105DeSanders ScholarshipNew and old high school/college cadets from Texas; 2.5 GPA minimum; outstanding leadership and deportment. Interest in obtaining a commission in the armed forces.
SCH111Amos Dixon Jones Memorial ScholarshipAwarded annually to a high school student based on need, academic excellence and leadership abilities.
SCH114Robert W. Baughman ScholarshipCadet from the State of Kansas or contiguous state.
SCH115Lloyd C. Lane Mem. ScholarshipCadet from Permian Basin, West Texas, Southern NM that show academic promise, preference to 5th or 6th class (high school freshmen or sophomores).
SCH117Eagle Scout ScholarshipOld or new cadet active in scouting and plan to remain so and is an Eagle Scout.
SCH118Bruce G. Brookshire ScholarshipOld or new cadet from a small Texas town or community; 2.5 GPA and B in deportment.
SCH119Betsy Godfrey ScholarshipNMMI HS graduates returning to NMMI for college. Must be native born of the USA; A in deportment.
SCH121Class of 1958 Alumni ScholarshipDiscretion of Alumni Office to help a cadet believed to be in need of financial aid.
SCH122Ernest B. Klein ScholarshipNew or old cadet; Jewish faith from Texas 1st preference, then other states; then Native American.
SCH126Harold Byrd, Jr. ScholarshipAwarded to deserving cadets.
SCH127Frank O. Elliott ’44 MemorialOld cadet, high school or college, preference to NM farm or ranch family. Must maintain a 2.5 GPA and a B in deportment.
SCH128Bellmann Memorial ScholarshipCollege or high school, old or new cadet who meets established criteria set by the Scholarship Committee.
SCH130Patrick L. Hadley MemorialAwarded to a male cadet who is an athlete on an NMMI team. Must be an American citizen and should maintain a 2.0 GPA and based on financial need.
SCH131Jack M. Smith ’42 MemorialGraduating 3d classman or 2d classman desiring to attend NMMI Junior College. Must have demonstrated leadership skills and good sportmanship.
SCH1321SG Michael P. Brown MemorialThird class cadet returning to NMMI for second class year, must have a 2.75 GPA and an A in deportment. One year scholarship.
SCH134Babe Godfrey GHS ScholarshipGoddard High School graduate attending NMMI. May apply to lower classes at discretion of committee. 2 letter of recommendation required (principal and counselor).
SCH135Troy-Anthony Hollis MemorialNew or returning African-American cadet; out-of-state. Demonstrate good citizenship.
SCH136Pieczentkowski ScholarshipThird class returning. Students of good character, good behavior and possess overall worthiness. 2.0 GPA
SCH137Earnest A. Valdes, Jr. MemorialReturning third class male or female cadet that is a good athlete. Priority to third class Colt Baseball Player.
SCH138The Brownfield Family ScholarshipAny returning high school cadet (5th, 4th, or 3rd class) (sophomore, junior, senior) who maintains a 3.0 GPA or better, is a cadet in good standing (meets all deportment standards and requirements) and is a participant and positive supporter of cadet life and corps activities.
SCH139Thompson Family ScholarshipDeserving cadet, preference alumni descendants. Minimum GPA of 2.0 and C in deportment. Honors F.D. Thompson 1930HSG.
SCH140COL WM. F. Harris ScholarshipScholarships will go to cadet (s) in the JC and cadet (s) in the HS who meet scholarship criteria and are interested in majoring in Biology.
SCH141Payne Family ScholarshipRanching family. 1st priority Guadalupe or San Miguel County; 3.0 GPA, deportment A; 2d priority NM Ranch; 3d US Ranch; 4th any cadet who meets GPA and deportment standards.
SCH142COL M.D. Donovan ScholarshipBand member; good citizenship; minimum GPA 2.0 and C in deportment; direct descent of Alumnus; honor COL MD Donovan 1970 HSG.
SCH143Staubach Annapolis Prep ScholarCadets who plan to attend the US Naval Academy; preference to those cadets supported by the Naval Academy Foundation.
SCH146COL Richard C. “Lefty” SteckleinAwarded to cadet athletes who have at least a 2.0 GPA and are of good
character, good behavior and possess overall worthiness to receive the
SCH148Means Memorial ScholarshipMust meet the standards established by the scholarship committee. The
scholarship may be re-awarded. Preference given to a cadet from a
ranching family and/or to an athlete.
SCH149Iraq Campaign Veteran MemorialThis scholarship is for veterans of the Iraq Campaign and their direct
descendants. Awarded to junior college cadets who are direct
descendants of the Iraq Campaign on the basis of excellence in all
phases of cadet life.
SCH150LTG Charles W. Brown 1953 SCG AlumniAwarded to cadets who are direct descendants of active alumni. The
award will be given to first year cadets based upon their acceptance
and may be reawarded. Must maintain 2.0 GPA and C or better in
SCH151Clifton R. Cowherd 1943 AlumniAwarded to cadets who are direct descendants of active alumni. The
award will be given to first year cadets based upon their acceptance and
may be re-awarded. Recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA and a C or
better in deportment. Preference to Missouri.
SCH152C. Birnie 1953 HSG & 1955 JCGAwarded to a JC cadet that graduated from NMMI HS. Majoring in science and/or engineering.
SCH153H. Pickney & M. Burton OrtsAwarded to support cadets from Texas.
SCH154Kim D. Greaves 1979 JCGAwarded to a returning cadet that would be unable to attend the institute without this scholarship.
SCH155LTC Seth R. Orell, 1962 JCGOld or new cadets who demonstrate academic excellence solid
character and leadership potential. Must meet the minimum
requirements of the Scholarship Committee.
SCH156The John D. “Jack” WagnerFirst year cadets who is a direct descendant of an active alumnus.
SCH157John H. Smalley, III 1987 JCGAwarded to a cadet who is interested in the flight training program or any cadet interested in flying. This scholarship may be awarded to a
cadet meeting minimum scholarship requirements.
SCH158Lowell R. Altman 1947 HSXAwarded to a High School Jewish cadet with a 2.5 or better GPA.
SCH159Claude H. Rose, Jr. 1957 JCG MemAwarded to a HS or JC and must maintain a 2.5 GPA with a B in deportment.
SCH160George S. Sisneros 1940 JCG SchoAwarded to an alumni descendant with preference going to a resident of Lincoln or Chaves County, NM. Must have a 2.5 GPA with a B in dep. See additional criteria.
SCH161Mexico Alumni Chapter ScholarshipAwarded to either a returning HS or JC cadet from Mexico who earned the Best New Cadet award. Recipients must have and maintain a 2.75
gpa and a C in deportment.
SCH162The Christopher Buddy Hellums MemorialAwarded to cadets meeting the minimum requirement of the Scholarship Committee.
SCH501Will Burke ’68 HS ScholarshipNew Mexico high school cadet from a single parent home.
SCH508Alexander C. Waterhouse ScholarshipAwarded to deserving resident of Hawaii.
SCH510Mark J. DeSelles Memorial ScholarshipCollege cadets majoring in humanities, 2.0 GPA, B in deportment.
SCH511MSGT Tommy Tenorio ScholarshipAwarded to college level Hispanic cadets from NM and/or cadets withfinancial need. Must have 2.0 GPA, demonstrate leadership skills, and a C in deportment.
SCH514Amanda Jones Old Timers BalloonAwarded to a new or old cadet that is a direct descendant of a hot air
balloon pilot or an active hot air balloon crew member with a minimum
GPA of 2.0 and a B in deportment.
SCH519The Vigil Lauritzen Family ScholarshipAwarded to a college cadet that has a desire to pursue a military career.
GPA 2.5 or a high school female with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
SCH528John D. Camp ScholarshipAwarded to a HS or JC cadet who demonstrates high academic
achievement at NMMI. Qualifying cadets must have completed a
minimum of one semester and obtain a minimum of a 3.5 GPA.
SCH547Edward A. Galloway, ESQ. 1974 HSAwarded to a cadet in need.
SCH578SM Jim Lowe Hon ScholarshipMust be a member of Colt or Bronco Golf Team.
SCH579deStwolinski Foundation Schol.Award to new or old Native American cadets; first priority to New Mexico
& Arizona residents.
SCH591Women’s Military Service
Direct descendants of Women Veterans. Minimum gpa of 2.75 or higher.
Women who have been awarded the National Defense Service Ribbon
(NDSR) also qualify.
SCH595LTC Gardner L. Thurman ScholarshipOutstanding cadets involved in JROTC from the Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley of S. California areas. Secondly may be awarded to cadets
from S. CA interested in a military career.
SCH596LTC John C. Morgan British UnitedRecipient to be selected from graduating cadets of the JROTC units in the greater Los Angeles area by the staff charged with training these units. Secondly, cadets from Southern CA interested in a military career.
SCH5971LT James F. Inglesby ScholarshipRecipient to be selected from graduating cadets of the JROTC units in the greater Los Angeles area by the staff charged with training these units. Secondly, cadets from Southern CA interested in a military career.
SCH598SGT Hiroshi H. Miyamura ScholarPreference to cadets interested in a military career who are of Japanese descent from Gallup, NM. Secondly, to cadets from NM or S. CA with preference to students of Japanese descent.
SCH599Alb. Comm. Fnd./Carl F. Scott ScholarshipAwarded to students exemplifying scholastic ability and financial need.
SCH600Swede & Duke Anderson ScholarshipBased on academic and athletic proficiency. Cadets from NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, RI, CT or PA.
SCH601MAJ & Mrs. H.D. Blake MemorialFirst class, male or female, excelled at both basic and advanced camp; plans US Military as career.
SCH602L.T. “Babe” Godfrey ScholarshipOutstanding and deserving athletes at NMMI.
SCH603C. J. Head ScholarshipAwarded to 2d or 3d year high school cadet who has shown the most improvement in all aspects of cadet development.
SCH604William W. Jenney, Jr. ScholarAwarded primarily in support of the ROTC Program.
SCH605Dr. I. J. Marshall ScholarshipDeserving cadets with a preference to those needing financial assistance.
SCH606L.C. “Coley” Matthews MemorialAwarded to college students having a desire for a career in the U.S. Military Service.
SCH607J.E. and Lottie Moore ScholarGoes to male high school student, demonstrated high scholastic performance, financial need, wants to attend NMMI HS.
SCH608COL Carl J. Rohr MemorialReturning 3d classman who has demonstrated overall excellence in academic and corps activities.
SCH609COL & Mrs. H. P. Saunders MemorialHigh school cadet; academic proficiency; desires to attend NMMI high school.
SCH610P. A. Sheets ScholarshipSecond class, ROTC student.
SCH611Ralph L. Smith MemorialNeedy student, academic proficiency who desires to attend NMMI.
SCH612Benton Stone Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to cadets based on need.
SCH613Addie Swearingen Scholarship AwardAwarded to female 1st or 2d class cadets, from NM, financial need, at least a “B” average in previous year.
SCH614COL and Mrs. Charles F. Ward MemorialDeserving students interested humanities; preference given to students with need.
SCH615Ivan B. Williams, Jr. ScholarshipAwarded to a student who has demonstrated athletic proficiency and desires to attend NMMI.
SCH616Neil H. Wills Memorial ScholarshipAwarded for outstanding academic achievement. Preference is given to
cadets from New Mexico.
SCH617Wool Bowl EndowmentIn honor of former Bronco football players. Awarded each year to deserving athletes.
SCH618Evetts/Haley Memorial ScholarshipMust be native of MS, AR, OK or TX; 2.0 GPA; males only; preference given to sons of Confederate Veterans.
SCH619LTC Frank & Betty Allen ScholarshipHigh school or college cadet, 3.0 GPA, preference Corpus Christi area or state of Texas, financial need.
SCH620Dorothy Morrison Music ScholarshipAwarded to members of HQ Troop or the NMMI Choir. Awarded by the Music Department.
SCH621Centurion Rifles/MG KronauerCadet must demonstrate leadership, commitment to excellence, self-discipline, serious academic interest.
SCH622S. P. Johnson, Jr. MemorialNew or returning high school cadets, New Mexico residents, financial need.
SCH623Mc Kay Oil CorporationHigh school or college level cadet from Chaves County; demonstrated extraordinary effort; financial need.
SCH624John Clayte Cauhape MemorialMale NMMI HS graduate with a 3.0 GPA; returning for NMMI JC; demonstrated leadership qualities; engineering as goal.
SCH625Melendez Ambassador FamilyDependents of NMMI Ambassador Families; NMMI cadets who participate in Ambassador Family Program; financial need.
SCH627Walter C. Peters Memorial ScholarshipGood moral character and personality; speaking ability; ability to communicate thoughts and ideas; get along with faculty. Requires 4 recommendations including superintendent, commandant and 2 faculty members.
SCH628W. P. Brown Music ScholarshipCadet member of band, orchestra or cadet choir; 2.0 GPA; by recommendation of Chairman of Music Department.
SCH629Daniel L. Hannifin MemorialCollege student; business major; 2.0 GPA from Chaves, Eddy, Lea or Roosevelt Counties.
SCH630Lance Winston Puig ScholarshipAwarded to a deserving high school cadet (new or old) with a 2.5 minimum GPA and “B” in deportment.
SCH631Centennial Scholarship EndowmentHS or College old cadet; GPA of 3.0 or better and an “A” in deportment; strong leadership qualities.
SCH633NMMI Parent’s Club ScholarshipIncoming high school and incoming college student; financial need; 2.5 GPA or higher; preference 3.0 GPA or higher.
SCH634Robert S. Kerr, Jr. ScholarshipNew or old, high school or college cadet; prefer Oklahoma; consider MO,AR,KS, NM. 2.5 GPA incoming good citizenship.
SCH635Jack H. White Sr. MemorialNew or old, high school or college cadet; prefer Carlsbad area but any New Mexico resident; 2.0 GPA, “B” deportment.
SCH636Joe M. Green ScholarshipRecipient must be a direct descendent of an NMMI alumnus; good scholar; acceptable disciplinary record.
SCH637MG Jackson Bogle ScholarshipAwarded to new or old cadet with a minimum 2.5 GPA and “B” in deportment.
SCH638Scott M. Kirkpatrick MemorialAwarded to an old cadet who contributed substantially to the high school drill team; 2.0 GPA, C in deportment.
SCH639New Mexico Student Loans ScholarshipFinancial need, 2.5 gpa, NM resident, US citizen or resident alien. Recommended by FA Office.
SCH640William R. Cooper ScholarshipAwarded to first year HS or JC cadet who has shown potential for academic success and a desire to attend NMMI.
SCH641COL Carol C. Hines ScholarshipTo qualified 2d or 3d class, male or female, high scholastic achievement in MS courses, commitment to military career.
SCH642John S. and Anne H. HinckleyAny cadet who may be in need of financial aid to continue at NMMI. GPA of 2.5, “B” in deportment.
SCH643Thomas E. Lusk ScholarshipA student who has shown academic proficiency who wishes to attend NMMI HS or JC.
SCH644Epperson Memorial ScholarshipA student who has shown academic proficiency who wishes to attend NMMI HS or JC.
SCH645Earl Bimson ScholarshipsOld and new high school students from the state of Arizona. GPA 2.8 and “B” in deportment.
SCH646Dr. Edward Egbert ScholarshipFor graduating 3d class returning to NMMI JC in a leadership position; ROTC; GPA 2.5 (3.0 prefer) “B” deportment
SCH647C. F. and C. C. Waller ScholarshipOne year award to a NMMI cadet (new or old) satisfying minimum requirements of Scholarship Committee.
SCH648G. Williams Rutherford ScholarMale or female, high school or college cadet; interest in business, leadership potential; 2.5 GPA, “B” deportment.
SCH649Sprinkle-Barnard-Pattersn-DufekMale or female, father served with armed forces, preference given to service academy aspirant.
SCH650G. Brooks Frazar 64 MemorialOld cadet, male from State of Texas; preference to a graduate of NMMI HS returning for JC at NMMI; 2.5+GPA “B” deportment.
SCH651Roger T. Sawyers MemorialNew or old cadet, resident of Eddy County New Mexico preferred, financial need.
SCH652J.Leslie and Linda M. Davis ScholarshipHigh School or college cadet; prefer Colfax County NM, then Harding County then other county in northeastern NM.
SCH653Vietnam Veterans MemorialChildren of Vietnam Era veterans.
SCH654Kelly Regimental CommanderScholarship awarded to current Regimental Commander.
SCH655Ethel Ortega Olson ScholarshipHispanic cadet from New Mexico, then AZ, TX or CA.
SCH656BG Goodwin,Samuel McClure MemorialNMMI HS graduate attending NMMI JC intentions toward West Point; 3.0 GPA, “A” in deportment.
SCH657Patrick H. Gratton ScholarshipAwarded by special committee.
SCH658COL G. Seth Orell MemorialNMMI HS graduate; GPA 2.75; “A” in deportment; leadership qualities ; ROTC cadet from New Mexico.
SCH659Stains/Finley Memorial ScholarshipOld or new cadet with 2.5 GPA or better with “B” in deportment interest in military service.
SCH660Samuel N. Hindi ScholarshipNew Mexico residents from a ranch family. High school or college cadet.
SCH661Scott Honor Scholarship/AwardAwarded by special committee.
SCH662Alumni Heritage /C. R. Evans ScholarshipNew or old cadet from Oklahoma, direct descendant of NMMI alumnus, minimum GPA 2.0 and “B” in deportment.
SCH663Oscar Mahlon Love, Jr. ScholarshipNew or old cadet with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a B in deportment.
SCH664Elliott – M. Nalda ScholarshipOld or new cadet from New Mexico, emphasis on academic excellence, meet all deportment requirements.
SCH665Elliott – C. Nalda ScholarshipOld or new cadet from New Mexico, emphasis on academic excellence, meet all deportment requirements.
SCH666Elliott – Frank O. ElliottOld or new cadet from New Mexico, emphasis on academic excellence, meet all deportment requirements.
SCH667Harvey E. Yates Memorial ScholarshipOld or new cadet from southeastern New Mexico, minimum 2.0 GPA and C in deportment.
SCH668General Childress Incentive ScholarshipAwarded to new/old high school cadets at the discretion of the scholarship committee.
SCH669W.B. Leverton 1935 JCG EndowmentHigh School or College Cadet who values his or her experience at NMMI; demonstrates financial need.
SCH670The Pearson Family EndowmentGraduating 3rd Class cadet interested in advanced ROTC Program or the academy prep program. Preference to those in the advanced ROTC Program.
SCH671CPT Charles F. Ward, Jr. ScholarshipAwarded by special committee.
SCH672COL Jack and Marvine Fox LeadershipAwarded to the Regimental Commander. Non-transferable.
SCH673GEN Douglas L. McBride ScholarshipMinimum scholarship requirements set by the NMMI Scholarship Committee with an emphasis on leadership ability.
SCH674Donna L. Beckel EndowmentAwarded in support of an Air Force Academy Prep Scholarship.
Samuel N. and Mary Castle FoundationAwarded to residents of Hawaii.
SCH676Jack and Donna Rust Family ScholarAwarded to Academy Prep cadets.
SCH677Richard K. Hardy HSG ScholarshipOpen to new and old cadets in high school or college who meet the minimum GPA requirements and grade requirements as determined by the Scholarship Committee.
SCH678Sealy Hutchings II MemorialHigh School or College Cadet; US citizen; 2.0 GPA satisfactory deportment
SCH679Charles V. Wilder Jr. ScholarshipStudent from Washington or Alaska area interested in Science and Engineering
SCH680Tyler L. Teague Memorial ScholarAwarded to cadets meeting the minimum scholarship requirements with preference given in the following order: (1) applicants with sibling or parent w/cancer; (2) members of the “Young Marines”; (3) members of the HQ troop; (4) military interest.
SCH681John B. and Anne C. Halper ScholarAwarded to returning female cadets who meet the scholarship eligibility requirements and who demonstrates an unwavering attitude towards achieving goals through positive leadership characteristics.
SCH682Rogers and Mary Ellen Aston ScholarshipOpen to new and old cadets in high school or college who meet the minimum GPA requirements and deportment grade requirements as determined by the Scholarship Committee.
SCH683John H. Russell ’39 JCG LeadershipAwarded to cadets with financial need and who meet the minimum scholarship eligibility requirements.
SCH685The David W. Anderson EndowmentAwarded to new or returning cadet in junior college who demonstrates outstanding character development and leadership abilities.
SCH686James C. Linard ScholarshipAwarded to members of the Bronco Golf Team who meet the minimum NMMI scholarship committee criteria. In the unlikely event there are no qualifying applicants, the scholarship may be awarded at the discretion of the Athletic Director.
SCH687James P. Johns 1943 JCG ScholarAwarded to 2nd Classman who graduated from NMMI’s high school. Recipients must be enrolled in SROTC Program. Must meet eligibility requirements of ROTC Program and NMMI Scholarship Committee. Recipients must demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities.
SCH688Billie B. Armstrong 1939 JCG ScholarAwarded to students who demonstrate a desire and ability to initiate and complete an education at NMMI. Recipients must meet the general requirements of the scholarship committee and exhibit outstanding Corps and academic leadership potential.
SCH689Robert W. and Vida V. MitchellNeed based. NM resident enrolled at the HS level; if no one is qualified then the scholarship maybe given to a NM resident in at the JC level. Re- awardable 2.5 GPA and C in deportment.
SCH690Nestor T. and Thea OttersonChaves County resident. Leadership skills. Recommendation by Commandant should be taken into consideration.
SCH691Ellison Servant Leadership ScholarAwarded by special committee.
SCH692CPT Todd T. Christmas, USA 1998JCGAwarded to a cadet, high school or junior college, with a 2.0 GPA and of good character, good behavior and possess overall worthiness. Preference to a cadet seeking a military career and from a military family.
SCH693D.F. Strand 1952 HSG Alumni HeritageFirst year cadets who are direct descendants of active alumni; preference to Arizona residents.
SCH694General Douglas MacArthur ScholarshipHS or College cadet in need of financial assistance.
SCH696John RF. Russell, II 1969 JCG MemorialNew or returning cadet with a 2.0 GPA and C in deportment.
SCH697LT. COL Fred A. Miller ScholarshipCadets must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better and be a resident for Chaves County.
SCH699Cathy Enright Murray Memorial ScholarshipCadets meeting the minimum Scholarship Committee requirements (currently candidates with a 2.0 GPA and a C in Deportment). Scholarships are renewable.
SCH701NMMI Service Academy ScholarAwarded to cadets sponsored by US Naval Academy; US Air Force Academy; US Military Academy; US Merchant Marine; US Coast Guard.
SCH703Faculty and Staff ScholarshipDependent sons and daughters of full-time currently employed staff or faculty members of NMMI to include Alumni, Foundation and SROTC Depts.
SCH706High School Incentive Scholarship
Awarded to incoming high school students based on the acceptance matrix score at the time of review. Awarded at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office. One time award.
SCH707Ted Hunt ScholarshipCadets whose performance in music has been outstanding. Nominated by NMMI Bandmaster.
SCH715Choral ScholarshipsCriteria determined at the discretion of the Choral Director.
SCH717NMMI ROTC Incentive ScholarshipAwarded to new cadets identified by SROTC as candidates for the commissioning program. The second half of the award is contigent on signing their contract for ROTC.
SCH800NMMI General’s CupScholarship in support of new students. One time award.
SCH801Michael C. Currier 1962 JCG ScholarshipAwarded to cadets with a 2.0 or above GPA and a B or above in deportment.
SCH803Junior College Class of 1962 ScholarFor returning cadet in good standing and demonstrated love for the Corps.
SCH804Robert L. Fergusson Memorial ScholarshipRecipient must meet the standards set forth by the NMMI Scholarship Committee.
SCH805W. Kenneth Paul 1955 HS-1957 JCAwarded with first preference to a cadet who resides in Bernalillo County; then NM; if none, then any cadet that meets the minimum criteria.
SCH806Bill Stroecker Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to cadets from Fairbanks Alaska, cadets from Alaska, then any cadets that meet the minimum criteria.
SCH807John K. Funk ScholarshipMale or female cadet who demonstrates scholastic excellence and general all around leadership qualities.
SCH808The John K. Funk Endowment ScholarsMeet minimum scholarship Scholarship Committee requirements.
SCH810Robert J. and Marion M. LeonardEligible recipients must meet the minimum qualifications established by the NMMI Scholarship Committee.
SCH811Galles Family Endowment FundMeet the minimum scholarship requirements (currently candidates with a 2.0 GPA and C in Deportment).
SCH812Tommie Ross Memorial ScholarshipDirect decendant of a farming or ranching family and from the NM, West TX, or Eastern AZ region.
SCH813Jeremy Antonio Hatfield Mem ScholarshipCadets meeting the minimum Scholarship Committee requirements.
SCH814Edmond and Alma Croix ScholarshipAwarded to cadets who have financial need.
SCH815Albuquerque Chapter-NMMI AlumniAwarded to a high school or college student from Albuquerque, NM or the surrounding area.
SCH816Perkins-Bennett Family EndowmentAwarded to sons and daughters of Army retirees from Oklahoma and Tennessee, then sons and daughters of Army retirees from any state, then any cadet(s) meeting the minimum Scholarship Committee requirments.
SCH818Harper Family EndowmentIncoming new 5th or 6th class cadet meeting the minimum scholarship committee requirements with need.
SCH9001LT George E. Fisher MemorialHigh school or college returning cadet; son of active duty or retired military family; upper half of class.
SCH901Bondurant Memorial ScholarshipDeserving cadets with meritorious academic achievement and are based on need.
SCH902COL Bert Ellen Camp MemorialHigh school or college cadet with academic achievement and need; Reeves County TX or Lea County NM.
SCH903General G.S. Patton, Jr. MemorialChild of active or former armed forces; need, motivation and character; preference to academy aspirant.
SCH905Harold Runnels Memorial SchoolAwarded to a New Mexico resident wishing to attend NMMI.
SCH906Harrison H. Schmitt ScholarshipAwarded to needy students desiring to attend NMMI.
SCH907Howard I. Scherotter MemorialAwarded to high school cadet returning for 3d class year or entering NMMI JC; leadership; extra-curricular activities.
SCH908James R. Kelly Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to 2d classman who has demonstrated proficiency in academic work.
SCH909Jesse Mechem Memorial ScholarAwarded to 2d classman who has demonstrated proficiency in academic work, financial need. Prefer NM residents.
SCH910Leland W. Ellis Memorial ScholarAwarded to outstanding cadets have attended NMMI 1-1/2 yrs who have financial need; academic criteria.
SCH911Lottie S. Rapp ScholarshipWorthy and patriotic cadets with financial need and pursuing a commission in the U.S. Army; upper 1/3 of class.
SCH912Lusk Family ScholarshipStudent who has demonstrated academic proficiency and is entering the Fourth Class as a new cadet.
SCH913M. Margaret Decker MemorialNew or returning cadets on the basis of need, exemplary character and academic achievement.
SCH916American Legion Past CommandersStudent into 2d semester, NM resident, financial need, veteran or dependent of veteran, criminal justice major.
SCH917Phillips Colfax County-MaleHigh School male cadet from Colfax County NM; personal character and potential leadership development.
SCH918Phillips/San Miguel/Mora – MaleHigh School male cadet from San Miguel and Mora counties in NM; personal character & potential leadership development.
SCH919Robert E. Evans MemorialAwarded to a high school student on the basis of general excellence and need.
SCH920Phillips/SM & Colfax-FemaleQualified female cadets enrolled in the high school division and from San Miguel or Colfax County, NM.
SCH921Stanley W. Crosby, Jr. MemorialMember of the Corps of Cadets who is most helpful to others, excels in leadership and good citizenship.
SCH922State Gratis ScholarshipNew Mexico Resident – at least 1/3 of the recipients must have federally defined financial need.
SCH923Truman O. Boyd MemorialMale cadet; soldierly proficiency, character suitable to an officer, scholar; seeking commission in US Army or Reserves.
SCH924Walter Coppinger ScholarshipScholarship awarded to worthy student from Tom Green County, Texas; financial need.
SCH925Walter H. Boyd Memorial ScholarshipAwarded on basis of soldierly proficiency, character and scholarly aptitude; seeking commission; males only.
SCH926Will C. Lawrence ScholarshipAwarded on the basis of scholarship and general excellence; open to graduating 3d class, returning for junior college.
SCH927Russell W. Morey MemorialBand Member, at discretion of Bandmaster.
SCH929Powhatan Carter, Jr. MemorialMust be a Legislative Scholarship awardee, maintaining a 2.5 GPA and an “A” in deportment.