Toles Learning Center

The purpose of the Center is to offer programs, activities, and strategies to support and enable cadets to experience academic success, maximize learning potentials, produce high-quality work, succeed in a multi-cultural world, and be prepared for a full range of options and opportunities. Cadets can get help with time management, reading and writing enhancement, math strategies, general study skills, ACT/SAT preparation, and seek information on how best to prepare for furthering their education. Formal courses, group seminars, individualized help, and intern programs are offered to assist cadets to reach academic and life goals.

The objective of the Center is to assist cadets in acquiring the knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning. Cadets will gain additional academic preparation essential to enhance their readiness for post-secondary options. Cadets will participate in collaborative learning. Other objectives include developing partnerships with other learning institutions, government agencies, and the business world to maximize the Center’s purpose; fostering and supporting the Institute’s international initiatives; and supporting the vision and mission of the Institute.

Center Course Offerings: The Center offers courses in ACT/SAT prep, first-year experience, career exploration, reading, and developmental writing. Cadets can also receive assistance individually on a walk-in basis.

Center Vision: To provide a broad spectrum of educational and academic opportunities to the NMMI Learning community.

Center Mission: To support NMMI’s mission by maximizing learning potential and enhancing educational opportunities.

The Center assists cadets in the following areas:

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