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Individual 4-Year Plan

What students should know and be able to do

Career Exploration & Planning

  • Match personal interests with career possibilities
  • Identify a personal career, pathway, or Career Cluster goal

Goal Setting

  • Learn the process of developing goals and pathways toward goals, including academic, post-secondary, workforce, and service learning goals.
  • Learn the academic beliefs, behaviors, and performance standards required to be “on-track” for post-secondary readiness and evaluate progress toward these benchmarks.
  • Develop the persistence and motivation to overcome barriers to meet goals.

Academic Success & Course Planning

  • Learn the process of intentionally selecting classes to meet high school graduation requirements.
  • Understand the importance of selecting rigorous CE, CTE, and AP courses that align with career and postsecondary path goals.

Postsecondary & Financial Planning

  • Explore the earning and lifestyle potential of postsecondary education.
  • Learn the process needed to plan and prepare for post-secondary or career training. This includes understanding how to access and pay for post-secondary education.