Frequently Asked Questions

IPA has been designed to provide an option for intermediate school students that has not otherwise been available in this area. IPA’s structured learning environment will appeal to students and families seeking a challenging and advanced academic program. IPA offers small class sizes, a dedicated faculty, and a unique academic program that emphasizes fundamentals while also incorporating immersive and integrated learning experiences.

Many different kinds of students thrive at IPA! What successful IPA students have in common is a willingness to commit to the demanding expectations of a curriculum designed to prepare them for the future.

Yes! IPA and NMMI are one community, and IPA enjoys the full support of NMMI resources in its launch years. By design, middle school students attending IPA learn in their own building, about a mile distant from NMMI’s existing campus. IPA students interact with NMMI Cadets only in the course of structured learning activities supervised by IPA teachers.

Learning at IPA is nurtured by a dedicated middle-school faculty. The unique program was developed with the needs of middle school students in mind from the start. However, the IPA program is aligned with NMMI’s program, and cultivates leadership learning in the NMMI tradition.

IPA and NMMI offer aligned programs. However, families may choose IPA but not NMMI, or NMMI but not IPA, depending on individual student needs and family preferences. Though IPA aims to prepare its graduates to be highly competitive applicants in NMMI’s separate admissions process, IPA students are not guaranteed acceptance to NMMI.

IPA is a day school only, serving families in Roswell and the surrounding area.

Space is very limited in the first year. IPA will welcome approximately 60 incoming sixth graders only for the 2023-2024 school year. IPA will add seventh and eighth grades in subsequent years, until the school reaches its initial target size of approximately 240 intermediate school students.

IPA is located at 402 West Country Club Boulevard in Roswell. Approximately one-third of the building will open to welcome students for the 2023-2024 school year, while the remaining space will be sealed off for continued construction. Space in use by students and teachers will be secured by temporary walls and fencing to keep it completely separate from the area still under construction.

IPA is not a reform school. IPA is modeled after the principles of duty, honor, and achievement that are the basis of education at New Mexico Military Institute. In this regard, IPA is a preparatory academy that prepares 6th (and in the future 7th & 8th) grade students to achieve their top academic potential upon reaching high school.

Students wear a simple and inexpensive uniform, and families are responsible for purchasing uniforms from an approved supplier

Like NMMI, IPA is a state educational institution. Like NMMI, IPA is not a public school and is not limited by the curricular restrictions set by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

We review applications holistically. No single factor excludes a child from the application pool. Our admissions team looks for evidence of commitment to the challenging curriculum and ability to thrive in a structured environment.

NMMI and IPA are required by statute to charge tuition. See the fees schedule for more information. Generous support from the Daniels Foundation allows IPA to offer scholarships to some families. At this time, IPA cannot guarantee financial help to all families in need. We will continue to work to expand scholarship opportunities as the school grows.

IPA students study Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and Latin, as well as Art, P.E./Wellness, and Leadership. The program emphasizes daily practice in core skills like reading, writing, and mathematics. Immersive learning is organized around topics that integrate different subjects of study and allow students to explore real-world applications. Though innovative, immersives are rigorously academic—students learn and are assessed just as in traditional academic classes.

The original interdisciplinary discipline, Latin offers lessons in history, literature, politics, and cross-cultural understanding. With a foundation in Latin vocabulary and grammar, young writers hold the keys to vibrant and clear writing in English.

Athletic pursuits and wellness belong to a balanced education. IPA incorporates physical education, wellness, and leadership instruction into the school day. We expect to add after-school sports by the time the school reaches full enrollment. Until then, students are free to participate in organized sports through other organizations in the community.

NMMI has begun accepting applications for 2023-2024 school year. Apply here.