The New Mexico Military Institute Intermediate Preparatory Academy currently offers enrollment for 6th grade day/non-boarding school students in the Chaves County, New Mexico area. The academy is open to students from further abroad however housing, food, and transportation would need to be externally arranged by the parents/guardians.

In 2019 a proposal was presented for a middle school under the annual strategic process with the suggested purpose of developing and recruiting students for NMMI’s ninth grade. Staff and interested local parents expressed a desire for an option apart from public educational choices for middle school-aged students. The desire for an educational choice includes small classroom occupant sizes, more personable educational relationships, a more rigorous curriculum that is intensive and immersive as well as diverse, and educational option that includes students of foreign locations, with greater structure and a well understood educational outcome.

Mission Statement

To provide an intermediate preparatory learning option based on the highest standards of an intensive, immersive, and diverse curriculum within a structured environment with personal attention towards the continued educational preparation and success of our youth during the most formative years of educational development resulting in motivation and love for learning.

Core Values

The overarching values that are inherent in the NMMI Vision and Mission shape the institution, the faculty, staff, and, most significantly, its Cadets. They represent an enduring commitment to duty, honor, and achievement.

It shall be…, a military institute for the education and training of the youth of this country,…
– NMSA 21-12-3

Objectives and Goals

Recruit and strengthen NMMI’s reputation of being a unique opportunity for qualified candidates.

Cultivate relationships with other learning institutions.

Use available resources to provide proactive, relevant, and innovative academic support services.

Establish and maintain programs that support global learning.

Develop…partnerships, and outreach opportunities with all stakeholders including…patrons, …educational,…youth,…organizations at the local, state, federal, and international levels.

Provide diverse learning opportunities that encourage cadets (students) to become successful citizens of character capable of providing sound ethical leadership in challenging global environments.”