Governance and Administration

The NMMI Governing Board was established under the New Mexico Constitution, Article IIX, Section 13 (Board of regents for educational institutions), that, “The Legislature shall provide for the control and management of each of said institutions, by the board of regents for each institution…”

Furthermore, the New Mexico State Statute, Chapter 21 establishes the duties of the governing board of regents to include, “admission standards”, “tuition and fees”, and under 21-12-3 Board of regents; duty, educational standard, states, “It shall be the duty of the board of regents to maintain and control, at Roswell, a military institute for the education and training of the youth of this country, of as high a standard as like institutions in other states and territories.” 21-12-4 states, “The said board shall have full power and authority to make such rules and regulations concerning the government and course of the said institute as they may deem proper: to make contracts with teachers; to erect buildings and make such other improvements as the institute may require.”

Given the perspective of the NMMI Intermediate Preparatory Academy as a part of the Institute, the belief of the committee is the governance of the board of regents as established by the constitution and duties by statute would be germane.

Finally, as the NMMI Board of Regents has established the position of and duties of the NMMI President and Superintendent, those duties would also be germane.
Beyond the board of regents and the president/ superintendent, the administration of the school would be established as a separate operating unit within the NMMI structure. That is to state, there to be a principal of the academy who would report to the president/superintendent. All other employees of the academy would report to the principal of the academy.

To the extent possible, NMMI would share resources with the academy to assure proper accountability of funds, academic flow-through, and policies established do not conflict with policies currently organized at NMMI.


IPA Faculty and Staff