Institutional Vision

New Mexico Military Institute is a globally recognized, secondary and post-secondary learning institution for young men and women that instills excellence in leadership, academics, and physical development within a structured environment empowering students to thrive in a dynamic world.

Institutional Mission

To educate, train, and prepare young men and women to be leaders capable of critical thinking and sound analysis, leaders who possess uncompromising character, and leaders able to meet challenging physical demands.

Core Values

The overarching values that are inherent in the NMMI Vision and Mission shape the institution, the faculty, staff, and, most significantly, its students. They represent an enduring commitment to duty, honor, and achievement.


“Duty is responsibility in action.  Man is not alone.  On behalf of others he bears responsibilities, some of which have come to him through outer circumstance, others he has assumed of himself.  Once committed to these, He will know them as terms of duty.  That he does so willingly, he must consult his highest power – the power of a true conscience.  It is this he will obey – this above all.  Where responsibility and conscience are in harmony, there abide the strength and the splendor of ideal duty.”

Paul Horgan, ’24, Pulitzer Prize Winner


“A transition sets in the day a fledgling cadet puts foot on this north Roswell Hill.  The imprint becomes everlasting.  Before long the harshness and confinement of military school life dwindles.  The cadet gazes westward toward El Capitan peak and he begins to feel aspirations foreign to him before.  A craving for maturity emerges.  He watches changes in other new cadets as they put on flesh, grow in stature and confidence.  They appraise each other for such qualities as gumption.  The concept of honor may have become an unremembered relic of earlier days.  Perhaps it lies dormant in his mind, a hazy abstraction.  At the Institute, the cadet code is a signpost in every cadet’s daily existence.  He does not cheat nor does he steal.  He speaks the truth and he thinks the truth, which he sometimes finds a challenge to both heart and clarity of mind.  The new cadet is not long in uniform before he begins to perceive the yawning and fearsome gulf between honor and the stain of dishonor.”

Thomas H. Thompson, ’27, Pulitzer Prize Winner


“Achievement can be the doing of a simple chore, the completion of a small task, the reaching of a personal goal.  But there are degrees of achievement.  A higher level requires the doing of irksome chores, completion of difficult tasks, reaching of goals that are worthy.  The highest order of achievement brings us to goals that, while they may serve one’s selfish interests, advance however slightly the human condition.  Such a grand accomplishment may seem to be beyond the expectations of ordinary people.  But if all of us together will embrace two of the precepts of the NMMI motto –

By obeying the commands of DUTY, and By observing the limits imposed by HONOR – this third precept, ACHIEVEMENT, of the noblest kind, will follow.”

Ira B. Harkey, Jr. PH.D., ’37, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Guiding Principles

At NMMI, we value excellence in leadership, academics, and physical development. Our values are institutionalized and operationalized through a set of guiding principles that impact every aspect of our organizations and processes. These include:

  • The only state-supported, nationally accredited coeducational military boarding school in the nation offering an integrated four-year college preparatory high school and university parallel transferable junior college.
  • A Corps of Cadets comprised of every student led by the cadet chain of command and who participate in the Army ROTC Leadership Programs ensuring leadership opportunities for every cadet.
  • A totally integrated high school and college learning environment in which a single consolidated faculty and staff support a six-year seamless high school and junior college experience enabling junior college and high school students to take college courses together.
  • A Corps of Cadets that lives by an Honor Code adopted and administered by the cadets.
  • An academic institution with rigorous academic and admissions standards and a safe secure campus.
  • A close relationship with the military services through the federal service academy preparatory and voluntary early commissioning programs.
  • An exceptionally well-qualified staff and faculty committed to working in a unique academic and military structured environment.
  • A cadet corps-wide physical development program.