Military Aspect Overview:

NMMI’s military boarding school environment characterizes cadet life and is intended to foster in each cadet responsibility, discipline, courtesy, respect for authority, self-confidence, initiative, time management, and strength of character.

Cadets live each day within a military framework. They wear the cadet uniform, live in modern college-style dormitories, and eat their meals in a communal dining facility along with faculty and staff members.

The cadet day is strictly regimented. Each cadet is responsible for paying attention to detail in order to manage his or her available time to ensure completion of required academic, military, physical training, and Corps responsibilities.

The Corps of Cadets is commanded by senior cadet leaders who provide the daily military training. More formal and specific training is provided through NMMI’s Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and Junior ROTC programs and NMMI’s Service Academy Preparatory program.