SCHOLARS PROGRAM PEDAGOGY: The Scholars Program provides opportunities for students to excel in academics while building on the principles of leadership and fitness that lie at the bedrock of an NMMI education.

CURRICULUM: The curriculum will consist of current NMMI courses as required for graduation. Scholars are encouraged to challenge themselves with college-level courses when appropriate. In addition, seniors will take a college-level philosophy course and Scholar Seminar.

APPLICATION: To apply for admission to the Scholars program, students must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA with at least one year in residence at NMMI. Admission to the Scholars Program is open only to NMMI freshmen who started attending in August and have not had any break in attendance.

ADVISING: High School Counselor and Scholars Program Coordinator work together to help Scholars select challenging courses that help them attain their educational goals.

ASSOCIATES DEGREE: Through careful course selection, students may be able to attain the degree at high school graduation. This is not the focus of the program, nor is it guaranteed.


  • NMMI Scholars will take Sophomore English in the summer between Freshman and Sophomore years. This is an intense course of study that requires students to read four works of literature plus assigned short stories before July 1 and have internet access to complete coursework during the month of July. Please note that NMMI does not supply a laptop for this course.
  • Students are required to participate in the St. John’s College Summer Academy program in either Santa Fe or Annapolis following their Sophomore year. Scholars selecting the Santa Fe campus will be eligible for a scholarship from St. John’s.
  • Students are required to participate in summer activities off campus after their Junior year. Students may apply to an approved program or submit a request to have a different program approved. Those who are interested in attending a US Service Academy after high school are encouraged to apply to one of their summer programs.
  • Following the Senior year, students are encouraged but not required to study abroad through our partner, the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC).
  • Each Scholar will receive ~$500.00 to help with the cost of the summer program each summer.

SCHOLARS PROGRAM MENTORS: The cornerstone of the Scholars Program is the cadet’s choice of a mentor. This faculty member will help guide the student through the process of understanding literature related to their field.

SCHOLAR SEMINAR: In their Senior year, Scholars will be required to write a Thesis. This writing project is guided by the Scholar’s distinctive, intrinsic interests and concerns and supported through the readings in the Scholar’s Philosophy class. The Scholar Seminar class is designed to help Scholars in this process as Scholars synthesize the information gleaned from their extended investigation.

RECOGNITION: Students who successfully complete Scholar Seminar and are approved for graduation will receive a ‘NMMI Scholar’ designation on their transcript and a separate recognition of their Thesis.