Final Exams

The Fall 2019 final exam schedule is below. A PDF version of the final exam schedule  is also available.

 Final Exam Schedule – Fall 2019

Date 0730-0930 1000-1200 1300-1500 1530-1730

Thursday, Dec 12

Academic Retreat

Friday, Dec 13

2nd Period 13th Period 3rd Period 16th Period

Monday, Dec 16

6th Period 7th Period 5th Period 11th Period

Tuesday, Dec 17

4th Period 15th Period 1st Period Make up

Wednesday, Dec 18

Make up Make up Make up Make up

Friday, Dec 20

Mid-Year Graduation & Commissioning at TBD (Pearson Auditorium)

Final exams for HS classes below .50 credits, LET classes, and JC classes below 3.0 hours should be given the week before the final exam period

How do I read the final exam schedule?

First off, know your Fall 2019 course schedule. If you have a class normally scheduled from MWF or MTWRF 0850-0940 (2nd Period), you will take your final exam on Saturday at 0730-0930. If you have a Tues/Thurs class normally starting at 0950 (13th Period), you will take your final exam on Saturday at 1000-1200. Use the same logic to determine the rest of your final exam schedule.

You may download a final exam schedule blank template to help you map your final exam schedule.

Period   |   Time (College or High School)

01            |   MWF or MTWRF 0750-0840

02            |   MWF or MTWRF 0850-0940

03            |   MWF or MTWRF 0950-1040

04            |   MWF or MTWRF 1050-1140

05            |   MWF or MTWRF 1240-1330

06            |   MWF or MTWRF 1340-1430

07            |   MWF or MTWRF 1440-1530

11 (JC)  |   Tue Thurs 0750

13 (JC)  |   Tue Thurs 0950

15 (JC)  |   Tue Thurs 1240

16 (JC)  |   Tue Thurs 1415

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