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Information Web Page with More Information E-mail E-Mail the department a question
Academics 575-624-8003 Information  E-mail The Office of the Deans should be addressed for any academic question concerning classes, faculty, or the curriculum.
Academy Prep 575-624-8480 Information  E-mail NMMI participates as a receiving school of the Service Academy Preparatory Programs.
Admissions 1-800-421-5376 Information  E-mail If you are interested in attending the New Mexico Military Institute or if you have questions on entrance requirements, please contact the Admissions office.
Alumni 1-800-622-1891 Information  E-mail The Alumni Office can answer questions concerning former students of the New Mexico Military Institute.
Athletics 575-624-8270 Information  E-mail The Athletic Office can answer any questions concerning athletic teams and the athletic program at NMMI. The latest sports schedules are on the Athletic sports page.
Athletics Center & Swimming 575-624-8286 Information The Godfrey Athletic Center and Swimming Pool may be used by cadets, NMMI staff and the general public.
Business Office 575-624-8079 Information  E-mail The Business Office generates and mails statements of charges, provides cadet financial advising, and receives all payments.
Cadet Store 575-624-8218 Information  E-mail The Cadet Store sells textbooks, clothing and more. Items available online. If you don't see it, please email us.
Commandant 575-624-8400 Information  E-mail The Commandant of Cadets corresponds to a Dean of Students. Questions concerning cadet life, housing, the corps of cadets, or the master calendar should go here.
Communications 575-624-8011 Information  E-mail Current events, news releases, photos, logos, and all contact with news media, except for athletics, goes through the office of the Director of Marketing within the Superintendent's Office.
Daniels Leadership Center 575-624-8148 Information  E-mail Daniels Leadership Center is used for leadership studies for the benefit of cadets, as well as the community and nation.
Employment Opportunities 575-624-8080 Information  E-mail Information on employment opportunities at NMMI may be found on the Personnel page. Questions or messages should be addressed to the Personnel Office.
Financial Aid 575-624-8066 Information  E-mail The Financial Aid Office assists with merit and need based scholarships, federal aid programs and loans.
Foundation 575-624-8035 Information  E-mail The NMMI Foundation has information about gift giving.
Food Services 575-624-8230 Information  E-mail The Dining Facility's web pages include current menus and other information.
Golf 575-624-8240 Information  E-mail The NMMI golf course is a regulation 18 hole course open to the public. This site also includes an online store.
Information Systems, Communications and Technologies 575-624-4357 Information  E-mail ISCT is the source of information for cadet and administrative computers, telephony, and network access.
Internal Auditor 575-624-8379 Information  E-mail Internal Auditing is an independent, objective, consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organizations operations.
Institutional Research 575-624-8096 Information  E-mail The Institutional Research office performs a number of statistical services.
JROTC 575-624-8125 Information  E-mail NMMI has both a high school and college ROTC program. You may inquire here for the high school program.
Library 575-624-8380 Information  E-mail The Paul Horgan Library, located in the Toles Learning Center serves the cadets, faculty, and staff of NMMI with over 69,000 print and electronic resources and includes the Charles Ward Special Collections Room. The Library also houses 47 computers with Internet access and a Writing Center.
Master Calendar 575-624-8400 Information  E-mail Master Calendar and Special Events Calendar. This contains all the upcoming NMMI events.
McBride Museum 575-624-8380 Information  E-mail The McBride Museum, located on the upper level of Luna Hall, is open to the public with no charge for admission.
Parents 575-624-8400 Information  E-mail The NMMI Parents Web page is a good place for parents of cadets to visit.
Physical Plant/Facilities 575-624-8330 Information  E-mail The Physical Plant is responsible for campus facilities operations. facilities operations consists of administration of maintenance; construction and safety.
Police 575-624-8421 Information  E-mail NMMI maintains a campus police department to provide for the safety of cadets and the campus.
Policy Questions 575-624-8001 E-mail The Board of Regents and the Office of the Superintendent are the ultimate authority on all issues of policy. The School Adjutant will forward your message to the appropriate authority.
Registrar 575-624-8070 Information E-mail The Registrar maintains grades, transcripts and can answer questions about the academic calendar.
ROTC 575-624-8300 Information  E-mail NMMI has both a high school and college ROTC program. You may inquire here for the college program.
Sports Information 575-624-8279 Information  E-mail The Athletic Office can answer any questions concerning Sports. The latest sports schedules are also on the Athletic sports page.
Student Assistance Center 575-624-8360 Information  E-mail Placement resources and high school advising is available though the SAC. College students are advised by a faculty advisor. Use these links for College and High School specific advising questions.
Superintendent/President 575-624-8001 Information  E-mail The Superintendent is responsible for the effective use of available resources, staffing, planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling the activities of the Institute.
General Information 575-622-6250
Information E-mail If none of the above items seems to fit your need, please send a message to Information Services and we will forward it to one or several offices that seem appropriate. Please report broken links to the Webmaster or the page manager listed at the bottom of each page.