NMMI Service Academy Preparatory Program Information

NMMI is a fully accredited college whose course credits will transfer to other universities; NMMI is not a 5th year of high school.  You do not have to attend another college “out-of-pocket” for another semester to take accredited classes after prepping with NMMI.  NMMI has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the same institution the accredits the Air Force Academy, Notre Dame, and other colleges and universities in the central US.  NMMI earned the highest level of accreditation offered by the Commission.

NMMI is not a recent entry into the “Prep Market”.  NMMI has been training cadets since 1891; Roger Staubach was a NMMI Prep for the US Naval Academy in 1960.  There are over 270 NMMI preps currently enrolled in a service academy.

NMMI offers a full range of exciting extra-curricular activities (such as SCUBA diving, paint ball, and the flight club).  NMMI is not a year-round “boot camp”.  NMMI is the only prep school with a rappel tower, high-ROPES course, zip-line, and leader reaction course on campus.  Cadets train on and take classes for certification to instruct and facilitate on these courses year round.

NMMI is located in the middle of Roswell, a CITY of over 50,000 residents.
The campus straddles Main Street and has many nationally known chains of hotels, stores, and restaurants. Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Applebee’s, Walgreens, and Target are all within a 5-minute walk from campus.  NMMI also has jet air service to Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ at the Roswell airport, eight miles from campus.  NMMI is not in an isolated, out-of-the-way location for family visits with 5 major hotels with one block of campus.  Roswell City Web Site    See NMMI on Google Maps

NMMI has a drug-free, tobacco-free, alcohol-free campus.  Cadets can volunteer to participate in “IDFY” which is “Independent Drug Free Youth”.  Cadets who participate are randomly tested for drug use, and in return they are able to leave campus Wednesday evenings for the evening meal.

NMMI has many first-rate athletic facilities including an 18-hole golf course, year-round in-door swimming pool, racquetball and tennis courts, obstacle course, and a gym stocked with the latest equipment for weight training and aerobics. NMMI also has a Fitness Factory developed six years ago that so impressed visitors from the US Army  Cadet Command, that they installed their own course at Fort Knox, KY to train every ROTC cadet in the country.  The US Marine Corps also liked it so much that they installed a similar course at 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, modelled after the NMMI course.

NMMI believes in building character and leadership skills through positive encouragement, acceptance of responsibility, and self-discipline.  Hazing is strictly forbidden.

NMMI has a full-time campus police department.  All NMMI police officers are duly sworn and commissioned by the State of New Mexico and certified by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. They have full police authority, just as members of law enforcement agencies in other communities throughout the state, to include the power of arrest. There are also members of the commandant’s staff and medical staff available 24-hours.  There is 24-hour closed circuit TV monitoring of the entire campus.  When it comes to cadet safety and security, NMMI is not part time.

The “Corps of Cadets” IS the student body; it is not a small minority or special interest group on campus.  Cadets train cadets and help each other in academics, physical fitness, and leadership education.  Academy prep cadets will have the opportunity to take leadership positions in the Corps during their second semester.

If you have questions about the NMMI Service Academy Preparatory Program, please contact SCPO Charles Scott, 575-624-8480 or e-mail scott@nmmi.edu.

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