NMMI Academy Prep Program

“Bringing the Academy to YOU!”


Why the New Mexico Military Institute the best Preparatory program for success at the Academies:


  • “CNN Money” ranks NMMI as second best Junior college program in the country – Ranking
  • “The Best Schools Blog” ranks NMMI as fifth best community college in the country – Ranking
  • Academic rigor preparing you for the challenge of Academy academics
  • Leadership development opportunities on campus at the Ropes Course, Leadership Reaction Course, Rappel Tower as well as leadership opportunities in the Corps of cadets
  • World class physical fitness facilities

Future US Service Academy prep students!

Thank you for your taking a look at the top US Service Academy Preparatory Program in the country!  I am the Director of the Program at the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), and I understand you are interested in how NMMI can help prepare you for an appointment to a United States Service Academy.  NMMI is one of the programs used by the Merchant Marine Academy as well as for many preparatory students from the Naval Academy Foundation, West Point Preparatory Scholarship Program, Air Force Falcon Foundation, and students seeking admissions to the US Coast Guard Academy because of the excellent academic, physical, and leadership preparation.  Not only is the program extremely challenging, it is also nationally recognized for its success; the Best Schools Blog rated NMMI among the top 5 two year programs in the country overall: (see link above), and CNN Money rated NMMI as the #2 program for success at a follow on university: (see link above).

At NMMI you will be working with high caliber students from the US, and from around the world, who attend NMMI in order to better prepare themselves for success at their chosen academy.  We have first rate facilities designed to prepare you not only academically, but to help prepare you to meet the physical challenges you will face at the academies, and to give you a leg up on the leadership skills you will need to excel.  In the words of one of our former prep students, “As a sponsored Naval Academy Prep, I had 19 options for prep programs. I chose NMMI because of its academic credibility, athletics, and military structure. I have reaped many benefits from being at NMMI. I have learned how to efficiently manage my time and balance sports, school, and corps responsibility. I have become family with the other preps and they motivate me to achieve great things in inside and outside of the classroom.”   USNA Prep from FL, Brooke S.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our outstanding program, please contact me at the number or email below.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Charles Scott
Senior Chief Petty Officer, USN(ret)
Director, Service Academy Prep Program
101 W College Blvd
Roswell, NM  88201


New Mexico Military Institute participates as a receiving school for Service Academy Preparatory Programs.   To learn more about our program select the options on the left side of the page.