Special Collections

Paul Horgan Library
New Mexico Military Institute

Special Collections Room


Located on the second floor of Toles Learning Center, the Napoleonic Collection, Paul Horgan Collection, and the Institute Publications Collection consist of rare and unique materials collected especially for the use by the NMMI community and interested scholars, as well as the public at large.  

  1. Please request access to the Special Collections at the circulation desk and accompany staff member to the COL Charles F. Ward Room.

  2. Sign the guest log, including statement of purpose.

  3. Use materials with particular care to preserve the collections:
    A. Lead pencils must be used.
    B. Tracing is not permitted.
    C. Users must not write, mark, press upon, or handle materials in any way harmful as identified by library staff. Mishandling of the collection may result in termination of access.
    D. Material may leave the Special Collections only with permission from a librarian.


  1. Library staff will determine if items may be copied and will do said copying.
  2. The library holds the right to retain negatives of reproductions of Special Collections material.