MAJ Susan Moore

Title: Deputy Director of Toles Learning Center
Department: Learning Resource Center
Phone: (575) 624-8312
Office: Penrod Toles Learning Center 157

SPRING 2017 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
ACA 05013Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05014Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05015Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05016Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05017Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05021Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05022Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05023Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05026Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05027Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05034Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05035Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05036Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05037Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05041Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05042Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05045Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05046Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05047Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05051Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05052Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05053Academic AssistanceHS
ACA 05054Academic AssistanceHS
CCES 100120College Career Exploration StudiesJC
CCES 100140College Career Exploration StudiesJC
CCES 100144College Career Exploration StudiesJC
CFYE 100203First Year ExperienceJC
CFYE 100213First Year ExperienceJC
Educational Background:

M.Ed. Northern Arizona University, Tucson; Major: Educational Psychology with emphasis in School Counseling; 2005
B.A. University of Colorado, Denver; Major: Biology; 1983


2011 to Present, New Mexico Military Institute, Instructor & Junior College Advisor
2007 to 2011, Tucson Unified School District, Post-Secondary/Career Counselor

2005 to 2007, Tanque Verde School District, School Counselor



Professional Organizations:

National Association for College Admissions Counseling, Rocky Mountain Association for College Admissions Counseling, American School Counseling Association, National Academic Advising Association, National Career Development Association

Library Liaison Committee