Search Engines to Locate Specialized Search Engines

If you know the subject you want to search but do not know where to begin, start with one of these search engine guides:


    Beaucoup is one of the oldest guides, listing over 2,500 specialized search engines, directories, and indexes, divided into 15 subject categories and over 40 subcategories. Beaucoup includes both academic and general engines in the sciences, technology, politics, government, and the humanities.


   FinderSeeker is described as the "search engine for search engines," that is, a search engine that gives the user information that will help in decision making about which search engine would be best for a particular query of a particular topic. It contains hundreds of search engines, organized into 27 subject categories. This site provides search engines for 160 countries and lists engines for individual cities and states in the United States.

Virtual Search Engines:

    Virtual's collection includes over 1,000 search engines within 50 subject categories. It covers primarily popular subjects; however, some professional areas such as legal and medical are included.

By Glenda Lins, Copyright 2000, Amigos Library Services, Inc. Reprinted with permission from AMIGOS Agenda and OCLC Connection.