Mechanical Services

This department has the responsibility for maintaining, repairing, and operating all plant equipment and systems, including heating and air conditioning systems on campus and in residential housing for NMMI. This department maintains up to 50 buildings and which includes campus housing for some staff and faculty.  Mechanical Services is also responsible for maintenance and modification services to electrical, fire notification, plumbing and ventilation systems, fixtures, appliances, elevators.  The Mechanical Services Department works together with campus departments and colleagues to assure the best environment for the Corps of Cadets, Faculty, and Staff.

Mechanical Services Department responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electrical
    • Servicing of electrical systems
    • Servicing of critical power equipment
    • Preventative maintenance of all applicable systems
  • Life/Safety Systems
    • Inspection & servicing of fire notification systems
    • Inspection & servicing of fire suppression systems
    • Preventative maintenance of all applicable systems
  • Mechanical
    • Inspection & servicing of heating, ventilation, refrigeration and controls systems
    • Monitoring and regulating central heating and chilled water systems
    • Inspection & servicing of mechanical equipment and appliances
    • Inspection and servicing of pumps, fans, air compressors and other rotating equipment
    • Preventative maintenance of all applicable systems
  • Plumbing
    • Inspection and servicing of water and sewage systems
    • Inspection & servicing of domestic hot water systems
    • Inspection & servicing of backflow preventers and natural gas systems
    • Inspection & servicing of pipes and valves on campus
    • Inspection & servicing of swimming pool systems


Billy Bell, Manager