Golf Course Services


This department has the responsibility for the maintenance and care of the golf course landscape and facilities. Under harsh environment, they care and maintain turf greens, fairways, T-boxes, aprons, bunkers, roughs, irrigation systems, and turf equipment. They also deal with the propagation of grasses, plants, and trees thru overseeding and replanting. They work on the precise mixing of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides used on the golf course.

This crew installs, maintains, repairs, and locates any electrical problems with the golf course irrigational system. They deal with construction projects such as cart paths, golf course improvements, painting, ground repair, and golf care beautification. This crew operates light duty vehicles, riding lawn mowers, hydrolic equipment, and many tools associated with golf course maintenance such as rakes, backhoes, weedeaters, and chainsaws.

Golf Course services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Landscaping – A primary responsibility of the golf course department is the landscaping of the course itself. This work involves coordinating with golf course managers and professional landscapers to determine the desired look and the care required to maintain that look. The Groundskeeper must be knowledgeable about growing different types of grasses and decorative landscaping.
  • Maintaining Safe Grounds – This involves going over the grounds with an eye for potential hazards, such as sinkholes, flooding, cracked or damaged paths, debris and animals. This kind of thorough review must be conducted daily.
  • Preparing for Special Events – Division staff participate in preparing the golf course for special events. This might include setting up special paths, roping, tenting and other event staging. It might also include being on hand for the event to manage last-minute or surprise issues.
  • Snow Removal – Remove snow or ice from roads, walks, and parking areas
  • Exterior Maintenance – Clean sculptures, inspect golf course for hazards, and wash hard surfaces.
  • Turf – Mowing, edging, leaf removal, fertilization, insect/disease control, irrigation, maintaining various irrigation systems, over-seeing, intramural, and athletic fields
  • Flower Beds – Clean-up, mulching, edging, weeding, watering, fertilization, planting, and insect/disease control
  • Pruning – All native and ornamental trees, shrubs and ground covers.  Duty performed both to remove dead or damaged branches and to retain shapeEquipment Maintenance – Performs maintenance on grounds equipment ensuring equipment is safe and operational
  • Rodent & pest control
  • Parking & Road Maintenance – Responsible for  cleaning debris and snow, as well as patching for all parking lots and roadways


Jake Villareal, Manager