DLC 200

“To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”

                  Theodore Roosevelt


The Daniels Leadership Center serves the New Mexico Military Institute “to educate, train, and prepare young men and women to be leaders capable of critical thinking and sound analysis, leaders who possess uncompromising character and leaders able to meet challenging physical demands.”

We believe in what Aristotle taught “people do not naturally or spontaneously grow up to be morally excellent or practically wise. They become so, if at all, only as the result of a lifelong personal and community effort.”

Therefore, we are dedicated to providing programs through our workshops, seminars, and symposiums- best practices in the field of character leadership and applying these principles on the Yate’s Leadership Challenge Course.

We believe in what our Founding Fathers taught that “the republic could succeed only with virtuous citizens. Only if there was a moral law within would citizens be able to maintain a free government.” We believe that whether a cadet lives here, or abroad, being a responsible citizen who loves, serves, and helps his community is a worthy goal.

Therefore, we are dedicated to discuss and explore virtuous principles and actions not only through Yate’s Leadership Challenge Course and workshops, but noticing our service and committed living in the Corps of Cadets.

Character strengths and virtues are taught through the Daniels Leadership Center based on research from Christopher Peterson and Martin E.P. Seligman who have provided a handbook and classification to guide our work. The Daniels Leadership Center is a repository in which current research and best practices in experiential learning insure the development and execution of quality programs.