The Leadership Reaction Course is an outdoor adventure-based learning facility. Nine structured "leadership challenges" encourages participants to think, react, work as a team and solve problems in a determined period of time. Leaders receive a mission, brainstorm, execute, and readjust to compete it under a time restraint. The obstacles themselves present a fun, challenging and unique learning environment, with mental and physical obstacles that can only be overcome with leadership and teamwork.

Half-day, day-long and multi-day programs are designed to provide maximum adaptability to each organization’s needs and interests. With the guidance of our professional facilitators your program is tailored to your organizations particular goals and teambuilding needs. We create experiential metaphors for learning that carry over into your setting. Ropes courses are inherently fun, and safety is always the first priority.



Other Leadership Resources Available

Choose the Ropes Course to...

  • Build interdependence and risk taking skills.
  • Inspire new ways of thinking.
  • Develop or enhance confidence and trust levels.
  • Create a reference point for improving communications.
  • Develop, select and/or improve individual and team multi-dimensional communication skills.
  • Employ and master multiple ways of communicating, delegating, and assessing goals, tasks, timelines, and achievement.
  • Strengthen company-client relationships.
  • Develop or increase group cohesion and “can do” morale.

 The Daniels Leadership Center (DLC), use it to:

  • Pull new project teams together to practice problem solving in a group setting.
  • A fun and energizing kickoff for an annual retreat to celebrate success.
  • Have a multi-day meeting and integrate the Ropes Course or LRC to break up the day!