Cost & Financial Aid

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The NMMI experience is valued at $42,858 per year.

New Mexico Residents

NM students qualify for a variety of financial aid assistance and scholarships. These include the NM True rate, the Luciano “Lucky” Varela Opportunity Scholarship, and the General Richard T. Knowles Legislative Scholarship.

NM residents that do not receive the NM True rate qualify for a reduced, In-State tuition. This applies to dependents of active duty or honorably discharged veterans of the US Armed Forces, Sponsored Academy Preps, Contracted SROTC Cadets and AGA athletes.

North American Student Cost

The tuition rate for non-New Mexican, North American students can be found in the Cost Sheet.

International Student Cost

Our international rate is very competitive. International students pay an International Fee that goes directly back to the students in the form of orientation, special outings, and the International Center.