Commandant of Cadets

NMMI's Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, US Army, Retired, exercises command supervision and mentorship over the Corps of Cadets and the Commandant's Staff. The Commandant's responsibilities are to:

  • Provide for the safety, security, health and welfare, physical readiness, accountability, mentorship, leader development and discipline of the Corps of Cadets;

  • Maintain a positive leadership environment in which each cadet can achieve academic excellence and physical readiness while living the Cadet Honor Code;


  • Oversee daily operations and activities, and cadet services and support.


  • See the NMMI General Catalog for more information.




March 13th is the early enrollment deadline (priority date). Enrolling early allows you to take advantage of several incentives including:


  • Early consideration for scholarships (scholarship committee meets in February)
  • Pre-registration for fall classes
  • Priority consideration for Corps leadership positions and Cadre selection
  • Priority consideration for room and roommate of choice
  • AND a reduced re-enrollment fee ($75 instead of the standard $150 fee)


Simply return the attached 2015 Re-enrollment Form to the Business Office by the priority date, March 13, 2015, to take advantage of the reduced re-enrollment fee of $75.00 and other Corps incentives. If the form is received after March 13th the standard fee of $150.00 will apply.


All re-enrollment fees will be applied towards fall tuition.  Re-enroll today!!

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