Crime or Emergency Reporting Procedures

The NMMI Police Department is located in the south basement of Marshall Infirmary. Telephone contact with the department can be made by dialing 624-8421. Contact can also be made by radio through the Commandant’s office, Squadron Officers (SOs), Troop Officers (TOs), the Infirmary or through the radio dispatcher of the Roswell Police Department.

For emergencies on campus, cadets can call 8421 or notify their TO/SO. Events or incidents occurring in the barracks should first be reported to the TO/SO, to a member of the Commandant’s staff or the NMMI Police Officer on duty. These individuals are trained to respond to a number of situations and will take actions appropriate to the circumstance. Remember, if you observe a situation or event that should be reported, please act. You should not assume that someone else will report the incident. The individuals responding will immediately contact the outside 911 emergency number if appropriate. The individual must be prepared to provide basic data which will allow officials to adequately respond. Identify yourself and clearly describe the nature and location of the event or activity.

NMMI maintains strict reporting requirements and operates with a Cadet Honor Code that states, “Cadets Will Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal, or Tolerate Those Among Us Who Do“. Cadets found in violation of the NMMI Cadet Honor Code are subject to sanctions, including suspension and dismissal. Extensive educational efforts are in place each year to ensure a safe, secure environment, and operating with such an Honor Code in place ensures that all cadets report every violation.

Important Telephone Numbers

Campus Police 624-8421
Commandant’s Office 624-8400
Roswell Fire Dept. 624-6800
Roswell Police Dept. 624-6770
Emergency (on campus) 9-911


1. Ambulance Service can be reached by calling the Roswell Police Department or the Campus Police.

2. All phone numbers are area code (575).