Auto Registration and Use

The use of a motor vehicle on campus by those associated with NMMI is a privilege rather than a right; this privilege carries with it the responsibility for the proper registration and safe use of any vehicle on campus. A person’s vehicle is their responsibility. This responsibility includes the safe handling of the vehicle, operating and parking it in accordance with regulations, and in such a way as to not constitute a hazard to persons or property. NMMI assumes NO responsibility for damage to a motor vehicle or any loss while it is operated or parked on campus. It is the duty of our campus police officers to enforce all applicable State laws, including traffic laws and traffic regulations included in the NMMI Operations and Procedures Manual and the cadet Blue Book. Staff and faculty are encouraged to become familiar with parking/registration requirements according to the NMMI Operations and Procedures Manual. Cadet eligibility and regulations to use automobiles can be found in the Blue Book.


Register your vehicle here.