About the NMMI Police Department

NMMI maintains a campus police department to provide for the safety of cadets, employees, visitors, security of property on campus, and for the smooth operation of campus activities that involve vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic. The department takes an active stance in maintaining a safe and positive learning environment on campus. Campus police officers are present 24 hours per day, patrolling the grounds both in vehicles and on foot. This method of patrol, with its mobility, high visibility, and interactive scope, has resulted in a safe and comfortable environment for those persons working, residing or visiting on our campus.

The department is composed of a Chief of Police and four additional officers. It was created under the authority of New Mexico State Statute 29-5-1. All NMMI police officers are duly sworn and commissioned by the State of New Mexico and certified by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. They have full police authority, just as members of law enforcement agencies in other communities throughout the state, to include the power of arrest. The jurisdictional boundaries of NMMI are the same as the boundaries of any other community, and within the boundaries of campus, the NMMI Police Department is the law enforcement agency of record.

The campus police department has an effective working relationship with other law enforcement agencies in the area. Other agencies may assist in investigations and in situations that extend beyond the boundaries of the campus. NMMI campus police officers also provide assistance when and where requested to other area law enforcement agencies. NMMI police monitor and record through local and state agencies any criminal activity involving cadets. Limited campus size and the many activities on campus restrict cadets to the NMMI campus much of the time they are enrolled; however, if a cadet is involved in an off-campus incident, NMMI campus police officers are normally contacted by the law enforcement agency where the incident occurred.

It is a violation of New Mexico State Law to willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of a campus police officer. Violators can be arrested.