Wednesday 25 October 2017

(Cadet Uniform is Class C)

0615 Practice  (Stapp Field)
1715-1800 Free SRC for Cadets in Good Standing
1730-2000 1ST and 3RD Class Ring Dinner (Cadet uniform Winter A) (VMV)
Thursday 26 October 2017

(Cadet Uniform Summer A All Day)

0620 Free BRC (NOT a Free Rev)
0800-0900 Foundation Annual Membership Breakfast Meeting  (Luna Hall – Funk Conf Room) Invitation Only
0900-1030 NMMI Foundation Board of Trustees Board Meeting (Luna Hall – Funk Conf Room)
0800-1830 Alumni Registration  (JRT)
1100-1230 Free DRC
1130-1300 Senior College Luncheon (invitation only)  (Gold Room)
1300 Lefty Stecklein Scholarship Golf Tournament  (NMMI Golf Course)
1730 Homecoming Court Practice – (select personnel)  VMV
1750 Corps formation and movement to SRC
1800 Prayer Service for families of Silver Taps Honorees  (Alumni Chapel)
1840 Corps Formation  (Hagerman Barracks)
1900 Silver Taps – Corps of Cadets, Alumni, and guests  (Hagerman Barracks)
1930-2100 Alumni Reception following Silver Taps – Hosted by MG and Mrs. Grizzle, Alumni and guests                                   (NO CADETS AND NO ONE UNDER AGE 21)  (Quarters One)
Friday 27 October 2017

(Cadet Uniform B W/Brass, ACU for Colt Football Game)

0620-0710 BRC with formation
0800-1600 Alumni Registration  (JRT) (CLOSED 1045 – 1330)
0830-1100 Board of Regents Meeting (BOR Conference Room, Lusk)
1130-1330 Corps Formation and DRC March By to Free DRC
1145-124 Alumni meeting with MG Grizzle and NMMI Staff (Mabee Conference Room, Toles Learning Center)
1400-1500 Hall of Fame Reception – Hosted by MG and Mrs. Grizzle Quarters 1 (Invitation Only)
1700-1900 Alumni vs Bronco Baseball Game  (NMMI Baseball Field)
1730-2000 SRC w/Formation
1745 SRC w/Formation
1900-2300 Alumni Love Feast (Civic Center)
1900-UTC Colt Football Game v. Hope Christian
Saturday 28 October 2017

(Cadet Uniform is B w/Brass All day)

0600 Reveille
0620 BRC w/Formation
0730-0830 Crossed Saber Society Breakfast (Invitation Only) (Roswell Country Club)
0730-0815 Uniform Inspection – B w/Brass   (Hagerman  Barracks)
0800-1200 Alumni Registration   (JRT)
800 Goss Drill Team Exhibitions   (Bronco Plaza)
0815-0915 Room Inspection  (Barracks Area
0900 Change of Flame Guard  (Bronco Plaza)
0900-1030 Admissions tour of Campus (Tour begins Lusk Hall)
0915-1015 Visitation of Barracks – Alumni and guests / Tour by cadets for Alumni Spouses
1015 Corps forms for Parade
1015-1030 Honored Classes form for Alumni March  (Hagerman Main Sally Port)
1030-1135 Alumni Honored Class March and Homecoming Parade   (Stapp Field)
1150 DRC w/Formation
1330 Corps forms for march-on
1340 Corps of Cadets March on for Football Game  (Colt Field)
1400-1700 NMMI Bronco Football vs. Navarro (Colt Field)
Half time w/Regimental Band
The Homecoming Court will be announced at Halftime
1900-2300 Alumni Honored Class Dinners (Civic Center)
2000-2300 Corps Homecoming Dance (Uniform Summer A) – VMV
Sunday 29 October 2017

(Cadet Uniform Summer A All Day)

0815 Corps Accountability Formation
0830 Chapel Pass available or RATS upon request
0830 Protestant Services  (Alumni Memorial Chapel)
0830-1700 General Permit if authorized
1700 Catholic Services  (Alumni Memorial Chapel)
1810 SRC w/Formation
1900-2130 Library open  (Toles)