Saturday 26 August 2017

General Permit 1200-1700

0530 Early BRC for training area set up (if coordinated from QM through DCS).
0550 Reveille
0600 Breakfast Roll Call with formation
0650 Corps formation on Stapp Field, Movement of Corps to first station
0700 Food trailer operational at Obstacle Course (Coffee, breakfast items for sale for family/guests)
0715-1100 Obstacle Course, First Aid Training,  and Fitness Factory – Family and guests invited to follow cadet’s troop
0800-1145 Luna Hall / Museum open
0900-1300 Cadet Store and PX open for family and guests
1000-1115 Movement of Corps back to barracks area upon completion of all stations
1115-1140 Personal Time
1145-1200 Ceremony in Hagerman Barracks.  Uniform will be Summer Class A
1200 Free Dinner Roll Call for cadets in good standing
1200-1700 General permits for Cadets.  Uniform for all cadets will be Summer Class A
1715 Accountability Formation
1730 Retreat and SRC formation, march to Bates
1730-1830 SRC
1840 Corps forms for March On.
1900-UTC Bronco Football Game (Colt Field) – mandatory for the Corps of Cadets.  RATS may sit and visit with parents during second half at the game.  All troops will have an accountability

Sunday 27 August 2017

0815 Accountability Formation
0830-1700 General Permit for Cadets.  Uniform for all cadets will be Summer Class A.
0830 Protestant Services in Alumni Chapel.
1700 Catholic Services in Alumni Chapel
1800 Supper Roll Call Formation
2130 4th Meal