28 Day Milestone

Saturday, 1 February 2020

0600               Reveille

0600               Early BRC for cadets setting up training stations

0630               Breakfast Roll Call (BRC) with Formation

0730-0745      Movement of RATs to Confidence Course.

0745-0845      Confidence Course for RATs (Families Invited)

0900-1030      Fitness Factory for RATs (Family Invited)

1140               Corps forms in Hagerman Barracks (Family Invited)

1145-1200      28 Day Ceremony in Hagerman Barracks. Uniform for all Cadets is Class B with Brass

1200               Free Dinner Roll Call (DRC)

1200-2000      General Permits for Spring New Cadets (RATS). Uniform is Class B with Brass

1800               Free Supper Roll Call (SRC)

Sunday, 2 February 2020

0815               Accountability Formation

0830               Chapel Pass Available upon Request

0830               Protestant Services in Alumni Chapel

1300-1700     General Permit for RATs. Uniform for all cadets will be Winter A

1700              Catholic Services in Alumni Chapel

1800              Supper Roll Call (SRC) with Formation