NMMI’s Commandant of Cadets, LTC Jon Graff, USA (Retired), exercises command, supervision and mentorship over the Corps of Cadets and the Commandant’s Staff. The Commandant’s responsibilities are to:

  • Provide for the safety, security, health and welfare, physical readiness, accountability, mentorship, leader development and discipline of the Corps of Cadets;
  • Maintain a positive leadership environment in which each cadet can achieve academic excellence and physical readiness while living the Cadet Honor Code;
  • Oversee daily operations and activities, and cadet services and support.
  • See the NMMI General Catalog for more information.


Parent Package Documents

New Cadet Section 1 – Information

Old Cadet Section 1 – Information

Parent Packet Section 2 – Signatures Required

Roswell Symphony Orchestra Cake Order Form

SOS Order Form

Privacy Act Form

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Important Dates AY 2018-2019

22 July 2018 Fall Cadre Arrive
23 July Cadre Matriculation
27 July Band and Prep students Matriculation
30 July Bronco Football and Volleyball Arrive (Old and New Cadets) – Colt Football Arrive (Old Cadets Only)
30 July Bronco Football and Volleyball Matriculation (Old and New Cadets) – Colt Football Matriculation (Old Cadets Only)
1 Aug Junior College New Cadet Matriculation and Parent Orientation –  Parents Invited to Orientation at 1:30 PM in chapel. Matriculation will be conducted by last name: 0800 A-H, 0900 I-O, and 1000 P-Z
1 Aug President/Superintendent Welcoming Reception for Parents and New Cadets (Jr College and High School) – Parents invited (7 PM)*
2 Aug High School New Cadet Matriculation and Parent Orientation – Parents Invited to Orientation at 1:30 PM in chapel. Matriculation will be conducted by last name: 0800 A-H, 0900 I-O, and 1000 P-Z
9 Aug Old Cadets/Break in Service Cadets Matriculation  (cadets are encouraged to return early if they must purchase uniforms, prepare for semester – they will not be excused from classes to matriculate)
13 Aug Classes start (High School and Junior College)
16 Aug Returning Cadet Fall Awards Ceremony (Pearson) – (4:00 PM) Parents Invited
25 Aug End of 21 Day Milestone for Fall RATs/Turning of Spring New Cadets (Tentative) – (Milestone Begins 7:00 AM) Parents Invited
28-30 Sept Fall Family Weekend and Parade Parents Invited  (Parade begins at 11:00 AM)
17-20 Oct Homecoming/Alumni Weekend/Parade – Parents Invited
TBD NMMI Hosted JROTC Drill Meet
10 Nov Veterans Day Parade-Stapp Field – Parents Invited
12 Nov NMMI-Hosted Veterans Day Breakfast on Campus
TBD NMMI Winter Concert – Parents Invited
TBD Candlelight Holiday Service Alumni Chapel  – Parents Invited
14 Dec Midyear Graduation and Commissioning – Parents Invited
2 Jan 2019 Spring Cadre Arrive
7 Jan Spring New Cadet Matriculation
10 Jan Old Cadets/Break in Service Return
14 Jan 1st Day of Class
26 Jan Matchin Awards Ceremony/Turning of eligible Fall New Cadets
2 Feb End of 28 Day Milestone for Spring RATs – Parents Invited
4 May Final Ball
TBD NMMI Spring Concert – Parents Invited
17 May Academic, Leadership, Athletic Awards Ceremony for Graduating Cadets – Parents Invited
17 May Baccalaureate – Parents Invited (Begins at 10:00 AM)
18 May High School Commencement and College Commencement – Parents Invited (Cadets must clear campus by 2:00 PM)

The Following are scheduled Holiday breaks for AY 2018-2019

*All Dates/Times Subject to Change – Always check with your cadet’s TLA or SLA.

After classes 16 November 2018 until 5:00 PM 25 November 2018

Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 17 November, no exceptions

Thanksgiving Break

After last final exam until 5:00 PM 13 January 2019

Final exams start 7 Dec. and end 12 Dec. Check with your cadet as finals are dependent on their individual schedule.  Cadets MUST depart campus by 12:00 PM on 14 December, no exceptions

 If cadets need to register for classes, attend to uniform issues, or get haircuts, they may return as early as 9 January 2018


Christmas/Winter Break
After classes 22 March 2019 until 5:00 PM  31 March 2019

Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 23 March, no exceptions

Spring Break


Barracks will re-open at 1700 Saturday – one day prior to the required return date for all breaks for those who must arrive early.



King’s Highway Charters & Tours will provide holiday airport transportation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks.

Note, due to many last minute reservations with the Thanksgiving bus, Kings Highway is establishing the following cut off dates for you to make reservations for bus travel to/from Albuquerque Airport for the remaining Christmas and Spring Break periods. 

December 14th: cut off December 13th before 5:00 pm (CST)

January 9th: cut off January 8th before 5:00 pm (CST)

January 13th: cut off January 11th before 4:30 pm (CST)

March 23rd: cut off March 22 before 4:30 pm (CST)

March 31st: cut off March 29th before 4:30 PM (CST)

  • During the holiday breaks cadets are not permitted to remain in the barracks since there are no services (barracks supervision, medical support, or food services). To purchase a bus ticket or for more information, please contact King’s Highway Charters & Tours at (806) 863-3867 or toll free (888) 332-4315 and  Please note NMMI does not manage holiday transportation. The bus companies are not responsible for delayed or cancelled flights and are not obligated to hold bus departures from the airport. We always recommend that cadets arrive at the airport well before bus departure times for return to Roswell. NMMI is not responsible for airline requirements for traveling minors – all paperwork should be completed in advance.
  • Cadets and parents should expect bus departures to Albuquerque Airport at 0600 (6 am) on Saturday, 17 November with return to NMMI from Albuquerque Airport on Sunday, 25 November at 1800 (6 pm) for Thanksgiving, 0600 (6 am) on Friday, 14 December with return to NMMI from Albuquerque Airport on Wednesday, 9 January and on Sunday, 13 January  at 1800 (6 pm), and 0600 (6 am) on Friday, 23 March with return to NMMI from Albuquerque Airport on Sunday, 31 March at 1800 (6 pm) for Spring Break.
  • NMMI provides a shuttle to Roswell airport with departures from campus on the same days and times for cadets departing from campus to Albuquerque (see previous paragraph for times). NMMI does not provide a shuttle for returning cadets after breaks from Roswell airport due to limited resources and multiple arrivals.All buses depart from Bates Dining Facility and arrive at the airport departure areas.  There are no scheduled stops for the bus or shuttle to Roswell or Albuquerque airports.
  • Sunshine Cab Company, (575) 910-3400, provides local transportation. The city of Roswell also operates local city buses and cadets in uniform may ride the city buses for free.