The focus of the Academic Assessment Process is cadet learning assessment as reflected in the learning outcomes defined in the NMMI Strategic Plan and the three associated annexes to that plan.  The primary organization overseeing that assessment is the Assessment Task Force chaired by the Assistant Dean for Curriculum Planning within the Office of the Dean.  In this process, no distinction is made between the Junior College and the High School reflecting the six-year integrated learning environment at NMMI.

Assessment of New Mexico’s general education student learning outcomes and New Mexico Military Institute’s institutional student learning outcomes are assessed simultaneously through institutionally accepted rubrics and are collected through Canvas each semester.  Departments and divisions use this information to make improvement decisions.

Gen Ed Learning Outcomes Crosswalk

New Mexico Higher Education Department General Education OutcomesNMMI Tier 2 Institutional Student Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate Competency in Critical ThinkingDemonstrate Critical Thinking
Demonstrate Competency in Written & Oral CommunicationDemonstrate Written Communication

Demonstrate Oral Communication
Demonstrate Competency in Information & Digital Literacy Demonstrate Information Literacy

Apply Technology in a Variety of Contexts
Demonstrate Competency in Quantitative ReasoningDemonstrate Critical Thinking
Demonstrate Competency in Personal & Social ResponsibilityDemonstrate Leading and Working With Others

Demonstrate Self Development

In addition to the specific assessment tools developed and utilized by the Assessment Task Force and the faculty, the Dean also employs standard tests such as the Act, SAT, and Proficiency Profile, course-wide student critiques, and locally developed surveys such as the Cadet Life Survey.  Some of these same instruments are used for faculty assessment such as the Annual Faculty/Staff Climate Survey as well as a detailed evaluation system described in the Faculty Handbook.