Homecoming 2017

26-28 October
Honored Classes ending in “7” All classes are welcome!

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Class Representatives

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Alumni Registration

Foundation Trustees Breakfast (Invitation Only)

Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting (DLC)

Senior College Luncheon (Invitation Only)

*Lefty Stecklein Memorial Golf Tournament-NMMI Golf Course-Scramble start (Proceeds from the tournament support the Lefty Stecklein scholarship fund)

Memorial service and briefing for families of Silver Taps Honorees-Alumni Chapel

Silver Taps-Hagerman Barracks

Alumni Social following Silver Taps-Hosted by President/Superintendent MG and Mrs. Grizzle-Quarters One (Alumni and Guests) (NO Cadets and no one under age 21 INCLUDING CHILDREN)

Friday, 27 October 2017

Alumni Registration        

Board of Regents Meeting (BOR Conference Room, Lusk)

*Alumni Luncheon and Hall of Fame Induction

Alumni meeting with MG Grizzle and NMMI staff – Mabee Conference Room

*NMMI Broncos vs. NMMI Alumni Baseball Game – NMMI Baseball Field

*Alumni Love Feast – (No Cadets and No one under age 21 INCLUDING CHILDREN)

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Crossed Sabers Society Breakfast-DLC (Invitation only)                     

Alumni Registration

Goss Drill Team Exhibitions – Bronco Plaza

Change of Flame Guard – Bronco Plaza

Admissions Campus Tour (meets at Lusk Hall)

Visitation of Barracks

Honored Classes form for Alumni March – Hagerman Sally Port

Alumni Honored Class March and Homecoming Parade – Stapp Parade Field

Corps March On – Colt Field

Bronco Homecoming Football Game- Colt Field

*Alumni Honored Class Dinners (No Cadets and No one under age 21 INCLUDING CHILDREN)


*Class of 1977 Class Dinners – HiQ (Contact Jim Ball at 405-802-9492) for payment information